Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend Guide: Parades, Music, Art / Parker and Stone's Book of Mormon

Our original plan for this weekend consisted of three things: basketball, booze, and boobs on Mass. Street. Sadly, Brady Morningstar ruined those plans (with a little help from Reed), and we're left desperately searching for things to do.

If you're like us, you spent most of last weekend constructing a cardboard "creature" with local artist Eric Farnsworth. Tonight at 6:00 the creature will have its coming-out parade, beginning at the Percolator and proceeding through downtown.

After that, check out The Ants at the Replay matinee. Are The Ants still hip? And why do the Gleaners seem to open every other week at the matinees? Aren't there other local bands who deserve an opening spot? (perhaps our friends in The Leotards?).

And get up early on Saturday for the East Side "Yart Sale," a combination yard sale, art show, and neighborhood musicians showcase at the New York Gym. Last year we scored a fantastic "SHOUT PEACE" T-shirt inspired by the legendary (and still unsolved?) Oread Inn vandalism case. This year we're hoping there are plenty of "Lawrence Fucking Kansas" items, such as "unisex underwear" from local artist Leslie Kay:

Or just buy them directly here


If we could see one thing on Broadway right now, it would be Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark. If we could see two things, we'd add Trey Parker and Matt Stone's The Book of Mormon , a satirical take on Mormonism from the South Park/Team America boys. It's wonderful to see serious theater critics, such as The New Yorker's John Lahr, grappling with the play's themes:

Lahr writes:

"When the newly minted African Mormons act out the drama of Joseph Smith for some Mormon leaders who come to award Elder Cunningham a medal for his successful field work, the musical is at its most hilarious:

MUTUMBO: My name is Joseph Smit’. I’m going to fuck this baby.
CHORUS: No, no, Joseph. Don’t fuck the baby.
MUTUMBO: Suddenly the clouds parted and Joseph Smit’ was visited by God.
GOD: Joseph Smit’, do not fuck a baby. I’ll get rid of your AIDS if you fuck this frog."

Chip: "There's no question in my mind that this play is better than Hamlet.

Read Lahr's full review here


Holy Fucking Blasphemer said...

Hey, where can I buy the Book of Fucking Mormon?

Chafing to Know said...

And does Leslie Kay have a line Holy Fucking Mormon Undergarments?

Uncle Fucker said...

Not sure if Parker and Stone have published this masterpiece yet, but we'd suggest you head to NY and see it as it's meant to be seen. With this and SpiderMan, has theater EVER been better?