Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekend Blizzard Picks: She's a Keeper and Rev Gusto and Connor Liemer and The Fox and the Bird and the Oscars

With storm predictions ranging everywhere from a few inches of sleet to 20+ inches of snow, it's a safe bet most of your weekend is fucked. But here are a few options in case you're bold or dumb enough to hit the town.

The Fox and the Bird head up from Texas for an early Replay matinee with local pickers and grinners Sunflower Colonels.  Hope they packed their heavy coats.

Three good KC bands take over the Granada on Saturday, with She's a Keeper headlining, buzzy new folkies Connor Liemer in the middle, and our pals Rev Gusto kicking off the hijinks about 8:00.  There's a FB event page here.

And watch 12 Years a Slave and McConaughy  snag their Oscars down at Liberty Hall on Sunday night right in the heart of the blizzard.  (sadly, we suspect this event is pretty iffy if the forecasts hold up).

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Final Friday Picks: Taco Art (With Tacos); More Burroughs (Of Course); and The Secret Order of the Black Diamond Returns to Wonder Fair

All the foodie scenesters are hyped that The Taco Zone is gonna sell tacos out of the Replay starting soon.  Get a free sample on Friday at Love Garden with a taco-themed art opening called:

Lets Taco 'bout it: A Celebration of the Taco - TACO ZONE KICKOFF!

Oddly enough, no bands are listed for this Love Garden event?  Doesn't anyone have some songs about tacos?  Visit the FB event page here where a smiling taco will greet you:


At this moment, we're feeling kind of Burroughs-ed out after a month of celebrations for the famed LFK Beat.  But there's yet another Burroughs-inspired art show at SeedCo if you still need a fix (get it??).  The FB event page is here.

And our friends at Wonder Fair, mysteriously silent as of late, will emerge on Friday with the return of their popular Secret Order of the Black Diamond project.  We never understood what it was all about and we still don't.  Chip believes it's a cult.  Some details via the Final Fridays Wordpress site:

"Visit S.O.B.D.’s pop-up headquarters at Wonder Fair on Final Friday, February 28th, for a special one-night-only scavenger hunt, letterpress demonstration (where you may print your own SOBD membership card), and to become a part of the complex and continuously unfolding SOBD adventure."


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Night Rock With Ringo Deathstarr and An Evening With Lagunitas Brewing At Burger Stand

The Replay offers a full evening of music on a Wednesday with an early matinee Johnny Cash birthday tribute show followed by a late-night rocker with the cleverly/nerdily named Ringo Deathstarr, who are joined by Purple and The Dead Girls (will the Dead Girls be performing a Johnny Cash record in full? doubtful).

Visit the FB event page here.

 Cool album cover:

And you should probably start your evening at Burger Stand, which hosts "An Evening With Lagunitas Brewing" starting at 5:00 downstairs in the beer hall. A few details from their FB page.

"First 30 (maybe more) will receive a FREE Lagunitas Mason Jar WITH the purchase of your first beer. Also, Cappuchino Stout Bombers, Beer Swag, AND Mason Jars? RAD!"

We tend to prefer our Mason jars filled with moonshine but this will work too.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Horror Remix is Baked / The Noise FM's Sexy New Video/ Plus: KU vs. I'm Schmacked

It's cold and gray in LFK, and probably a good day to get baked and head down to Horror Remix is Baked at the Bottleneck.  Watch  the trailer via Vimeo. We're not sure what films are being shown, but apparently there's a puppet and an invisible dog, so it should be pretty cool.

The other thing you've GOT to see today is the premiere of our pals' Noise FM's new video "Keep Me In the Dark." Watch it here via Redeye Chicago.  The Noise Boys are even better dancers than we imagined!

Here they are looking snazzy in a photo snagged from their Facebook page.  They'll be in town soon (back at the Replay this time!) for a pre-SXSW show on March 8th.  Hopefully they'll stop by the blog to say some funny shit.

Something we'd LIKE to watch but CAN'T is an I'm Shmacked video about KU.  Apparently the campus and community banded together from keeping the site's film crews from shooting any debaucherous hijinks in the city last week.  According to an LJ-World article, even the Hawk didn't welcome the film crew (and this is a place where people sometimes bang in public in the Boom Boom Room, for fuck's sake).   Chip is really bummed.

Oh well.  We'll just watch this I'm Shmacked video from Madison, Wisconsin instead since KU turned down a really cool recruiting tool.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Shout Out to Harold Ramis / And the Replay Pays Tribute To Johnny Cash

Well, Harold Ramis died today, so that's a fucking bummer.  We're hoping Liberty Hall schedules a screening of Caddyshack or Ghostbusters or Animal House or Groundhog Dog. Or all of the above.

Here's Egon Spengler, plus one of the greatest speeches from Caddyshack via Youtube.


In the meantime, let's all head to the Replay on Wednesday evening and celebrate Johnny Cash's birthday!  Wear black.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Interview With Chuck Mead: "It WAS cool. You should have been there."

Mr. Chuck Mead doesn't need much of an intro around these parts. Maybe you know him from back in the days when BR5-49 was tearin' it up. Or maybe you know him from early days in the Homestead Grays.  Or maybe you know him from recent hootenannies in Lawrence (we last caught him at the LAC's 940 Live concert series a few years back).  Chuck hits LFK again tomorrow night at the Bottleneck with His Grassy Knoll Boys backing him up and The Howlin' Brothers opening the festivities.  Put on your dancing shoes.

Here's a last-minute interview with the man his own self, in which Chuck and Chip bond over a shared love of Hee Haw.  Our more aged readers are really going to enjoy Chuck's story about the Skyline Room.  Let us know if you were at that legendary New Year's Eve gig!

Richard:  Chuck, you've obviously got a long and storied history playing in Lawrence (or, as we call it these days, LFK).  Can you regale us with a fun tale about one of your most memorable shows, ideally from back in the days of yore?

Chuck:  One New Years' Eve, all the venues in town were spoken for so we set up a show in the Skyline Room out at the old Holiday Inn at 23rd and Iowa. Small banquet room meant for the Optimist or Rotary Club to have their breakfast. But we rented the place for a decent price and booked the show. The bill was Homestead Grays (the band I was in), Ricky Dean Sinatra, and a band called Foodhead. We show up in the afternoon and there was already puke in the ladies' room toilet and the guy who rented the room to us gave us only one trash can and three ashtrays for what we expected to be a crowd of maybe 200 people. There was a small fake Christmas tree standing decorated in the back of the room and a small removeable dance floor set up in front of the stage. Well, over 500 people - hippies, bikers, hipsters, townies showed up and raged all night long. Great gig. The electricity went off during the Ricky Dean set but we got it back on and the shadow continued. People packed in there in a dancing sweaty mess. Everybody was letting it all go because most of us were staying at the hotel that night. At 2am, after the show, people show up to clean up the room and  they found cigarette butts, beer cans, solo cups and party favors everywhere, the dance floor was actually broken, there were a couple of holes in some walls and one guy passed out on one of the tables. Needless to say, the manager wasn't too happy. But he didn't give the tools (more trash cans and ash trays etc.) to not make it such a wreck. He called me the next day and I answered the phone all hung over and he's yelling, "You broke my dance floor! There are cigarette burns on every inch of my carpet! There are holes in the wall! You destroyed my Christmas tree!" Now I have photographic evidence that the next morning, while the place was a bit of a mess, well, a disaster really, that tree was still standing. He screamed, "You told me it would be cool Chuck!" And I said, "It WAS cool. You should have been there!" 

Chip:  I was always a big fan of BR5-49, as well as a big fan of Hee Haw (it's officially the favorite program of Fort Scott, Kansas).   What was the highlight of your career in that band and what's your favorite Hee Haw character or sketch?

Chuck:  There were many highlights in the band from doing a tour with Bob Dylan, being on TV, and playing Clive Davis' Grammy party. Hell, we went all over the world. And it all came from just being ourselves and slogging it out at Robert's on Lower Broadway in Nashville. As far as Hee Haw goes, besides the fantastic musical performances, I have to say I loved it when they sang "Where oh where are you tonight?" Archie Campbell was a genius. The routine he does with Roy Clark "That's bad, no that's good."  Fantastic!  It's on Youtube. Still fun to watch. I have all the DVDs. 

Chip:  Oh, me too!

Richard: Tell us about your sound and your band these days.  Why must our readers absolutely head down to the Bottleneck on Saturday for an evening with Chuck Mead and His Grassy Knoll Boys and The Howlin' Brothers? (also, both those band names are bad-ass!).

Chuck:  I have three other guys playing with me for the last few years - My Grassy Knoll Boys.  Mark Andrew Miller plays the doghouse bass and sings with me, Martin Lynds plays the drums and sings too, and Carco Clave plays pedal steel, electric mandolin, banjo and whatever. Nice little hillbilly quartet and we rock it like we're running from something. The HB are great friends (and Lower Broadway veterans too) and between the two of us, something should get broke. 

Chip:  The show is sponsored by Free State Brewery, which is turning 25 this weekend.  What's your favorite Free State beer and have you tried their new French fries which have (sadly) replaced the legendary wedge-cut fries?

Chuck:  I'm proud the folks down at Free State are sponsoring our show. I remember when they were building it because I was working over at Liberty Hall. I have always preferred the Copperhead Pale Ale. In fact I have a couple left in my refrigerator right now that I brought home from Christmas. I haven't had the new fries yet.  I remain neutral until I've tasted them. I did love those wedges though.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekend Funny Business: Big Joe Medicine Show at Pool Room (??) and Jokelahoma at Frank's / Film Church: Terence Malick's Badlands

Local comedy fans certainly remember Victor Continental's bodyguard ("Hi, Big Joe!").  Our pals at Card Table Productions are hosting a shindig on Friday to help him with some medical expenses.  There will be comedy, music, and Shitty Deal Puppets: what more do you need?  Plus, it's at a strange location:  The Pool Room.  Perhaps we'll finally get to the bottom of whatever happened to Barnyard Beer, which operated for a time behind the Pool Room before the Barnyard boys suddenly disappeared entirely (our best theory: jail). And this is also very close to Jimboy's stomping grounds (or "crawling" grounds).  Keep an eye on the ceiling for LFK's master criminal!

Visit the FB event page here.

 More laughs are on tap at Frank's on Saturday as Peter and Chance and the gang at Harpoon Presents serve up "Jokelahoma" at this month's Comedy Freakout.  As you might guess, it features some comics from Oklahoma.  And can you name all the famous Oklahomans on the flyer?  Visit the FB event page here.


Less hilarious is Terence Malick's 1973 Badlands at Film Church at Liberty on Sunday evening at 7:00.  We're willing to bet that there will be significantly fewer people here than at the Princess Bride screening last week.  Oh well.  Their loss. Because Badlands is fucking outstanding.   Plus, Liberty surely made enough money with Bride that they can afford to screen some Malick on occasion for a handful of film nerds.  Here's the FB event page.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Friday Night Scenester Showdown: Latenight Callers and Black on Black at Replay vs. Josh Berwanger and Psychic Heat at Jackpot

Two stellar bills compete for your attention on Friday as Kansas City's terrific, noir-infused Latenight Callers hit the Replay to share the stage with LFK's prolific and powerful Black on Black while (just across the street) Mr. Josh Berwanger's barnstorming new band teams up with the (ever-present) Psychic Heat and more for the first night of a two-night I Heart Local Music showcase and SXSW fundraiser.

That's a long sentence!

Anyway, the most important scenesters will obviously bounce back and forth between these two shows like a fucking pinball.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LFK Gets Filthy With John Waters And Free State Brewery Turns 25

It's been a long month of William Burroughs celebratory activities in LFK and the most honored (and naughtiest) guest has yet to arrive.  But on Thursday John Waters is slated to unleash his "This Filthy World" tour on the upstanding arts patrons of the LAC.  We're  hoping that those who are only familiar with the "Pope of Trash" (as Burroughs designated him) through films such as Hairspray will take the time to watch Pink Flamingos, Desperate Living, and Female Trouble prior to Thursday.   The event is sold out BUT it looks like the LAC is now charging $10 to watch via closed-circuit feed from the Black Box downstairs:  visit their site here.

The LJ-World interviewed Waters (read it here) but sadly we did not, although we do think he would approve of Chip's boner jokes (and Chip's boners, for that matter).

Here's a shot of Waters' hitchhiking through Kansas and a film still of Divine licking a staircase in Desperate Living:


Sure, we love to give Free State the business about their (weak) new French fries but, like most locals, we can't imagine spring weather in LFK without beers on Free State patio.  The beloved institution turns 25 this weekend with a bunch of events that kick off on Thursday (quotes and info snagged from their newsletter, which you should sign up for via the Free State site here).

"Beginning on February 20th we'll offer the greatest selection of beers we've ever had on tap.  It will be a limited time selection of favorites, new beers and special aged beers, with 12­-15 likely on tap at once.  As individual kegs are drained, others will take their place, so come early and visit often for the full selection."

Oh baby.  But let's hope that the funky bologna-tasting beer doesn't reappear!

Free State is also sponsoring the Chuck Mead show at the Bottleneck on Saturday and giving away free Stout Chocolate birthday cake on Sunday evening starting at 5:25.

So stop by and sample all 25 beers.  As the photo below says, "We can drink it!"


Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Comedy Pick: Real Newz at Fatso's / LFK Threatens Secession

LFK's comedy scene is booming right now, but  you can't consistently count on its comics to address the important issues of the day (mostly they just make dick jokes).  Will that change with tonight's debut of "Real Newz" at Fatso's, which will feature live comedy along with prerecorded special reports? Is this destined to be The Daily Show of LFK?  According to the FB event page, "Some of Lawrence's funniest comedians will tell you all that you need to know about the world."  Presumably they'll be addressing Kansas House Bill 2453 (or at least they better).  But if that's too heavy for you, hopefully Rob Schulte's segment "The Human Side of Lawrence" will profile some adorable and eccentric LFK characters (such as Chip, and maybe the guy who wears a cow suit sometimes, and obviously Dennis and Sheryl).

It's not unusual for Lawrence progressives to threaten secession from conservative Kansas, but HB 2453 got a few people so riled up that they made a FB page about LFK's need to secede.  Check out the Lawrencians Organisation for Secession from Topeka here.  So far it only has 11 members but, hey, sometimes change is slow.  So far, they've declared the Bottleneck the new State Capitol.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nerd Nite 24 Recap: "Hey Girl!'

When new co-boss Chad O'Bryhim took the stage sipping a fruity "Hey Girl" cocktail and talking about "book porn" and "sapiosexuality" over a sexy electronic beat, you might have thought to yourself:  This is gonna be a nice little light-hearted Nerd Nite.  Well, you'd have been (mostly) wrong.

First presenter Stephanie Scurto was repping LFK's Read Across Lawrence choice--Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping--and almost led the nerds into some serious lit-crit territory with Althusser and Foucault references.  But somehow the presentation's ideological concerns overshadowed much discussion of the novel itself.  Perhaps Scurto feared the nerds' wrath if too many spoilers were revealed, but she probably shouldn't have worried: most of the nerds were too drunk to remember any spoilers (and not planning to read the novel anyway).  Plus, they were much more angry that she misidentified the Munsters as the Addams Family in one of the slides.

[sidenote regarding RAL14:  even though Plymouth Church is obviously a no-brainer location for Robinson's visit to LFK, we're a little worried that beer won't be served].

Up next, Gina Egan delivered perhaps the most gut-wrenchingly personal and potent Nerd Nite presentation yet, focusing on violence against women.  This kind of presentation is not exactly the standard fare at these shindigs, but we looked around once and saw that damn near every nerd in the room had put their phones down and were paying attention, so perhaps this kind of inspirational call-to-arms is needed no matter when and where it's delivered.

And then, Mike Anderson.  The local relationship expert, talk-show host, and all-around handsome devil brought some much-appreciated levity back to the proceedings as he debunked divorce statistics and encouraged us all to strengthen relationships by indulging our sexual fantasies and penchant for pet names and phrases: "You're the only duck in my koi pond."  Chip left the room at least 69% convinced that the advice will get him laid on Valentine's Day (so long as he can also obtain a bottle of Boulevard Chocolate Ale).

Special guest nerd in the crowd tonight: Punnilingus's grandma! 

Visit our friends at Larryville Artists over here for their take on last night's event plus some great party pics including co-boss Peter looking crafty in a new Nerd Nite t-shirt (yes, the specs are shaped like the state of Kansas).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Four Valentine's Day Picks: Percolator's Pot O'Honey; Princess Bride at Liberty Hall; "Heart on For You" at Bottleneck; Jayhawkers at the Lied

The Percolator is hosting their annual Valentine's Day Pot O'Honey "all-women's showcase" on Friday, featuring such acts as Katie and Mike (Truckstop Honeymoon) and the amusingly named Ovaries-eez.

Our pal King Tosser, not a woman, is also on the bill. He'll be playing with Debbie, a woman, and Rick from Heebie Jeebies from 8:00-8:15. Check out his tune "I Will Never Drink Again" via Soundcloud.  (spoiler alert:  he'll almost certainly drink again, and even during the short set).  And you should also check out this King Tosser/Debbie tune called "Flutatious," which we suspect Peter Jackson may use during the third Hobbit film. 

Visit the FB event page here and scroll down the comments for a list of set times. The page doesn't have a flyer, but it does have this:


Liberty Hall is screening Princess Bride at 8:00 on Friday.   Anything less than a packed house is "INCONCEIVABLE!"  Get it? Get it?


Chip's vote for the best title of any local Valentine's Day event goes to the Bottleneck's  "Heart On For You" variety show.  Our friends Olassa are there, as well as a band called "Godchillionaire," which we're guessing is the same band recently called "Godzillionaire?"  Or maybe not.


And there will always be a significant contingent in LFK who prefer basketball to romance.   Kevin Wilmott's long-awaited Wilt Chamberlain film Jayhawkers premieres at the Lied Center on Friday (and runs throughout the weekend there).  Too bad the film doesn't cover the romantic era of  his life where he banged a spectacular amount of women.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Local Boy Makes Good: BARRR Meets Pauly Shore / Taco Zone at the Replay / Scenester Nostalgia with Pixies and Neutral Milk Hotel

Some celebrity encounters just seem fated to happen.  When you think about it, it's really more surprising that it took THIS long for BARRR and Pauly Shore to cross paths.

 Embedded image permalink

If you missed all the buzz about this glorious union last week, it all came about due to BARRR's appearance on KC Live, where he painted a fine portrait of Walt Disney (which may or may not have one of BARRR's signature "demon penises" hidden within it).  You can catch videos of BARRR working his magic here (make sure to click through to see both Youtube videos).

We hear rumors that BARRR and Pauly have some projects lined up together soon!

For more celebrity action, check out BARRR's new ADD podcast with Ethan Embry, just posted yesterday via Fartlyfe here.  During the course of the recording, they hear the breaking news about Philip Seymour Hoffman's death.

Older scenesters fondly remember the days when the Replay dished out food on a regular basis.  And of course we've had a grillmaster on hand for Replay patio shows for a number of years (though not always consistently on hand).  The next era of Replay food begins soon when Taco Zone, "a traditional taqueria specializing in slow braised, hand crafted tacos," opens up on March 6.  Oh baby.  Springtime, patio shows, PBR, and tacos.  It's almost enough to make you forget there is still a damn foot of snow on the ground. Check out the Taco Zone FB page here, where we snagged this photo of the sign:


It's a big week for scenester nostalgia in KC.  The (Kim Deal-less) Pixies and Cults are at the Midland tonight.

Chip: "I wonder if Pixies will play any of their older stuff?"

The coolest kids will leave after Cults.

And Neutral Milk Hotel hit the Uptown on Thursday.  That's right.  The full band.  We caught Mangum's ultra-buzzy, ultra-sold out solo set at Liberty last year and found it fascinating but (frankly) a little dull: read our recap here.  Presumably the full-band sound at the Uptown will make it more than worth the trek for the huge contingent of besotted LFK scenesters heading over.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Theatre Review: The Nervous Set / More and More Burroughs / Nerd Night 24 Preview

The Burroughs 100th birthday festivities rolled on over the weekend as Ric Averill and company at the Lawrence Arts Center exhumed a "lost" jazz-musical called The Nervous Set for a swanky staged reading with a big cast and a full band in the main room, complete with cabaret seating and a bar on stage with Free State on tap (though not the Burroughser-Weisse).   While some of the songs were memorable and well-performed, the narrative (such as it was) seemed to consist mainly of creaky beatnik stereotypes that resemble nothing more than today's instantly-outdated hipster jokes (of the sort this blog traffics in). Was the play insightful or edgy in its day as an effort to understand a new subculture?  Perhaps so, since a few Google searches reveal fond and even glowing reviews of its Broadway incarnation.  As of now, however, it served as a fascinating time capsule for a short span, but quickly felt like an average musical interrupted too often by bad sitcom schtick.  Will it somehow play better as a full production at the LAC in the future, with the actors (unchained from their scripts and music stands) free to romp around and camp it up with their "reefer" jokes and such?  We're skeptical.

Local vulgarian King Tosser was on hand for this event.  Known more for his rock and roll criticism than his theatrical insight, he nonetheless summed it up better than anyone.  After initial responses of "Don't EVEN get me started!" and "Imagine how much Burroughs would have hated it!", he finally leveled the following assessment:  "Cut it down to forty minutes of nothing but music and you might have something."


You can keep your Burroughs-fixation going this week with film screenings of the legendary witchcraft documentary Haxan (narrated by Burroughs) as well as Cronenberg's take on Naked Lunch.   These take place at 7:00 tonight and Tuesday, respectively.  Check the LAC calendar here for more non-stop Burroughs mania.



Valentine's Day is approaching and the nerds of Nerd Nite are getting sexy on Wednesday with local talk-show host Mike Anderson's presentation called “Idioms, currencies, and fantasies: An exploration into the tenants of relational satisfaction."   Chip has a boner already.

The other two presentations, however, do not sound very sexy at all (one is on violence against women; the other is on this year's Read Across Lawrence selection, Housekeeping).

Will there be drink specials?   

Visit the FB event page here.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend Scenester Picks: Blazing Saddles, Tubas, Floozies, Jazz Cats, and More

It's been too cold to blog consistently this week, but here are some weekend picks for when it warms up into the toasty 20s.

It's time to whip it out this evening at Liberty Hall.  Your wallet, that is.  To buy tickets to a screening of Blazing Saddles.

Our friends in Olassa will be heating things up at the Jazzhaus tomorrow night, fucking tuba-style!  40 Watt Dreams shares the bill.

Not many LFK bands are successful enough to book two weekend nights at the Bottleneck.  But The Floozies are.  We interviewed them about drugs and hippies way back in the long-ago days of 2012. Read it here.


We made it over to Frank's North Star last night for the Burroughs' birthday bash despite a foot of snow, where we heard CX Luxem twiddling knobs and making funny noises in the cockfighting pit and a guy upstairs strolling around singing "free poetry" while swilling a Coors tallboy. Also, an old friend of Burroughs told us a terrific talking-dog-in-a-bar joke.  We also tried that sour Burroughser-Weisse beer.  Not our thing, but man do we want one of those commemorative glasses (which were sold out at both Free State and Frank's by the time we arrived even though we arrived pretty early at both places).

The Burroughs-related fun continues at the LAC on Saturday with a staged-reading of The Nervous Set, "a jazz musical from the beat generation."  It's free but (confusingly) tickets are required.  Reserve yours via the LAC site here


It's not a weekend at the Replay without at least one Psychic Heat show.  They're opening for an " ice cold garage/r&b/soul/rock & roll indie band from Madison, WI" called Cowboy Winter on Saturday (quote via   Here is their intriguing Magic or Tragic album cover:

Magic Or Tragic cover art

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wednesday Scenester Picks: Celebrate Burroughs' 100th Birthday With Bashes and Burroughser-Weisse Beer and More

Sure, there's likely to be a fucking FOOT of snow on the ground, but Larryville's hardened scenesters plan to celebrate William Burroughs' 100th birthday in a number of ways tomorrow.

The most academic (and booze-free) of the events is scheduled at KU at the Spencer at 5:30.  It features readings and birthday cake.  We're not sure if the possibility of another KU cancellation will also cancel this event?  The FB event page is here.

Free State has crafted a beer called Borroughser Weisse to celebrate the occasion:

"Based on the Berliner Weisse style known for a sour, tart finish that drinkers have historically tempered with the addition of Raspberry or Woodruff syrup, Burroughser Weisse amps up the tartness a bit with a bold addition of Hibiscus Flowers to the kettle, resulting in a bright fuschia color in this crisp and refreshing ale."

Photo and info via Free State Facebook page:

Across the river, Frank's North Star is hosting a 100th birthday bash for Burroughs.  Below is Yuri Zupancic's art work from the FB event page and the list of activities for the event.  We're told that Frank will also have the Burroughs beer on hand (as well as Boulevard Chocolate Ale).

7pm- Doors Open
Appetizers by Culinaria

8:00- Mau Bones
8:45- Erica Hunter
9:00- CS Luxem
9:45- Christopher Enneking/ Jessica Elise
10:00- Owl People
10:45- Megan McHenry/ Martinez Hillard
11:10- Scarlet Harlot of Foxy By Proxy Revue
11:30- Aurograph

And if you're feeling even freakier, call the number below and head to this event somewhere in SW Kansas near Liberal this weekend. 

There's also been talk of "guerrilla-style" Burroughs readings from PBR Book Club tomorrow, likely at the Pig.