Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stoner Picks: Bad Dream at Replay and Woodsman at Jackpot / Reality Show of the Week: Showtime's Gigolos

We're entering the lazy days of spring in Larryville, and tonight and tomorrow look like good nights to take in some stoner-y rock and roll. We love every band out of Brooklyn, so tonight's set by Bad Dream at the Replay is a must-see, but hipper still is tomorrow's Woodsman show at the Jackpot. Woodsman is an "experimental ambient post-psychedelic band" out of Denver and Pitchfork digs their Mystery Tape EP, which receives a 7.7:

"Despite their reliance on electronic elements and looping devices, their sound is naturalistic and reminiscent of some of the more outré acts from the late, great Jewelled Antler Collective, who would sometimes rely only on field recordings and scraped-pinecone sounds to evoke nature's aura."

Richard: "I've always said that one of the major missing elements in the Larryville music scene is 'scraped-pinecone sounds.' This show will be excellent."


If you're like us, you prefer your reality shows to be sleazy and crude (remember our fondness for the sadly short-lived series The Cougar?). Jersey Shore satisfies some of these needs(we love the talk of "smush rooms" and "grenade whistles"), but it's far too popular for our tastes. So we've decided to champion Showtime's new late-night reality series, Gigolos, which follows the lives of a number of male prostitutes in Vegas.

Let's see what the NY-Times says:

"It’s almost impossible to watch “Gigolos,” a bluntly pornographic Showtime reality series about male prostitutes who cater exclusively to women and not be distracted with illicit thoughts of ... release forms."

Chip: "I disagree. It's totally possible to watch without any thoughts of 'release forms.' As for me, I was focused on all the boning."

"Showtime deserves some credit for creative casting. The producers of “Gigolo” somehow found camera-ready clients like Rodney and Allure, a middle-aged couple who pay Jimmy to have sex with Allure while Rodney, and the audience, watch. “It’s my birthday,” Allure explains. All sorts of clients submit quite eagerly to decidedly explicit and unromantic depictions of sexual intercourse."

Chip: "How is this NOT a romantic birthday present? Also, I found the show to be ultimately quite inspiring, as the boning scenes tend to be accompanied by thoughtful voice-overs in which the men talk about 'giving 100% to their jobs.' I'll watch every week."

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