Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuvan Throat Singing / Love Garden on Record Store Day / And The Leotards Will Rock at 5:00

Sure, there were plenty of traditional scenester shows in Larryville last night (Fourth of July, Quiet Corral), but we were confident that I Heart Local Music would cover those (and they did: visit their site today too). So we chose to spend our Friday evening with most of East Lawrence at a jam-packed, sold out Arts Center performance by the Alash Ensemble. If there's one thing Larryville loves (apparently), it's Tuvan throat singing.

Chip: "Much of it was surprisingly beautiful. And other parts sounded like four different-sized frogs being poked in the belly with sticks."

Richard: "One of the dudes sounded a lot like Tom Waits."


Love Garden was predictably jammed this morning with scenesters waiting in long lines for their turn at the "exclusives" table. We were too hip to wait in line, so we snapped this picture and moved along. But please write in and tell us about your hippest purchases and, as always, identify the scenesters in this photo to win free PBR's.


And don't forget this evening's Sonic Bivouac at the Percolator. Our friends The Leotards will open this "family-friendly" show (as the fliers proclaim) promptly at 5:00. Hopefully they'll play such "family-friendly" hits as the song about the big dick ("Sugar Dick") and the song about wanting to fuck Kate Winslet ("Kate Winslet"). We'll be on the scene. Here's a press photo of King Tosser and Stephanie Stix. We also encourage you to buy Tosser's book prior to the show (info here , and available at local bookstores) so that you can engage in a proper intellectual discussion of "subversive rock humor" with him after the set.


just a girl walkin' her dog said...

Richard, I don't normally post, well normally, but that singing last night has me doubting my faith in Christ. I mean, what if we're wrong? Is this why I can't master my desire? Is it mere conditioning that has me thinking of Him? I mean it's hard to think of a these sweet people being wrong. What if Jesus doesn't love me?

Face down, hands up in prayer on the East Side.

God said...

But I thought the East Siders were all pagans. Have I misjudged them?