Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Scenester Guide: Avant-Garde Earth Day Show at Love Garden, PBR Sprints and CVLTS at Replay

Earth Day is today, though Larryville got so excited that we couldn't wait and celebrated last Saturday. If you're still looking for something Earth-y to do tonight, however, look no further than Love Garden, which offers this event, at 7:30:

"...a concert of Avant-garde music hosted by filmmaker/musician Rich Housh and composer Kip Haaheim. In the spirit of John Cage and other experimental artists, the concert will feature environmental electronic music, performance art, and multi-media composed and performed by local musicians. The works will include a symphony of bird calls, improvisations using an extensive collection of handmade Asian gongs, wind chimes, and Tibetan bowls, and mind-bending performance art in which a single moment of time is stretched to mystical lengths" (

Richard: "This sounds as hippie-friendly as it does hipster-friendly, maybe more so, but are hippies allowed at Love Garden?"

We don't have details on what local bands are involved, but it's probably safe to assume that Drakkar Sauna is one of them. At any rate, we'll be there. Bird calls are so hip right now!

Down the street simultaneously, at the Replay, you can witness the KC Sprints, a stationary bike race in which, for the low price of $2, you can challenge your scenester friend to a "grudge match." Come see Richard and Chip going head to head and chugging a PBR while racing!

According to the event's website , a "PBR cruiser" will be given away at some point in the evening. We want it.

And the C V L T S show at the Replay should be the perfect follow-up to the Love Garden show. Look at this review from

"The C V L T S track No Ghost is a terrific piece of merciless synth noise, with only a slow and eerie bassline and some almost melody-free acoustic guitar chords towards the end to ease the listener’s anxiety."

Chip: "Actually, I found myself, at the end, still a bit anxious."

Watch the scary video here

And meet all your CVLTS needs here

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