Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Look at my ass right now because you want to!" : Our Interview With the Foxy by Proxy Ladies!

Readers, today is one of those dream-come-true interviews at the Larryville Chronicles: we're talking T & A with the ladies of LFK's Foxy by Proxy burlesque troupe, who have a huge "Halloween Extravaganza" lined up at the Granada this evening.  Doors are at 8:00 and the evening climaxes (!) with a Black Sabbath tribute from Beached Sabbath at "the stroke of midnight." 

Make sure to "like" Foxy by Proxy on FB over here . And they recently joined Twitter as well.  Follow them @foxy_by_proxy , though we understand that they've been overwhelmed by horny LFK dudes tweeting  "Weiner-pics" at them.

Enjoy this short chat with Bunny Baltimore, Scarlot Harlot,  Shagra Khan, and The Right Reverend Spunk Rogers (our favorite of the Foxy monikers!). 

Chip: I love the recent burlesque resurgence because it gives me a good excuse to have a boner at the bar without feeling weird about it. Aside from the boobs, though, what do you think is the appeal of burlesque these days?

Bunny Baltimore: The appeal of burlesque is it brings out the exhibitionist and voyeur in us all. Watching women do what they want, wear what they want, and shamelessly dance near naked on stage makes us all feel free and want to be involved  [Chip nods vigorously].

For performers it is appealing because it gives us confidence and power. A lot of us felt like the weird one or the slutty one and we were supposed to feel bad for it. Now we all feel we can be who we are, no apologies, and look at my ass right now because you want to!

[Everyone pauses to look at Bunny's ass].

Richard: What sets Foxy by Proxy apart from all the other burlesque acts out there these days?

Scarlot Harlot: What really sets us apart is our infrastructure. We have an awesome proscenium and curtain, tons of badass sets, and mad props that we bring to every show. It looks pretty delicious. 

Chip: Surely Foxy by Proxy has tons of titillating tales to tell our readers (with an emphasis on the 'tit,' if you catch my meaning!).  Tell us about an especially memorable performance.

Shagra Kahn:  Yeah, we could tell you stories about tits for days. As far as a memorable moment, i'd have to say the intro for the last Halloween show when all the Foxies came out of the same coffin, clown-car style.. sexy clown-car, of course. That's a thing, right?

The show tonight is definitely going to have our next big memorable moment. This will be our most theatrical show to date.

Chip:  Leave us with a sexy blurb to convince our readers that they absolutely MUST attend this Halloween extravaganza.  

The Right Reverend Spunk Rogers: Its better to regret someone you have done than regret someone you haven't done.

Photos and videos!

A recent pic of the troupe via Atomic Photography

Top: Honey Caprice
2nd Row: Bel Ruby, Rexy Bodean, Laurie Darlin', Willie Wanker, Putressa la Pew, the Right Reverend Spunk Rogers, Shagra Kahn, Jolly Roger
3rd Row: Frenchy Fondelle, ChiChi Rodriguez, Bunny Baltimore
4th Row: Nessie Notoria, Miss Roach VonHoeBag, Scarlot Harlot.


Scarlet Harlot's take on Little Mermaid (you probably don't want your kids to sing this!)

Flyer for tonight!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween-Related Picks: Boobies, Plays, Films, and Tunes

LFK loves Halloween and there's still three nights to fill with mischief.   Here are some options:


1)  Our friends at LPL are hosting a "Haunted Lawrence" event from 7:00-8:30 in which Kansas ghost experts will give you the scoop on local haunts like the Eldridge, Teller's, and Sigma Nu.  More info here

In related-news, Chip is moving forward on the screenplay for his "paranormal porn" film about a haunted sorority: it's called Ghost Sluts.

2)  It's movie night at Frank's and the pre-Halloween film is...The Shining.  We assume there will be a delightful rum-based Redrum cocktail in the works.


Horror Remix at the Bottleneck, Halloween-edition!

Granada:  There seems to be a sad lack of tribute bands this Halloween, but Foxy By Proxy's Halloween Extravaganza at the Granada will offer up not only the usual boobies that we love so well but also...a Black Sabbath tribute!

 fox halloweenbig-1

Halloween night!

Frank's North Star:   Late night at the Replay has always been the premier Halloween destination in LFK, but will Frank's North Star give them a run for their money this year?  It's quite possible.  Here's the info from the FB event page:

"We're opening up our basement, if you know what I mean. Rock out with Monzie Leo and the Big Sky, Dear Rabbit, Olassa, Drakkar Sauna, Long Shadows, and Black Christmas!"

 Chip: "I guess I really don't what they mean by opening up the basement??  Could be orgy?  Could be torture-dungeon?  You pays your money and you takes your chances."

Replay:  Those more prone to tradition can stick with the Replay, which will certainly have surprises in store with a solid line-up featuring Dean Monkey and the Dropouts (they love costumes even on normal days), Up the Academy, the Gleaners, and This is My Condition.

Jackpot:   catch the chiptune/rock stylings of Anamanaguchi, a band you've probably heard while playing Scott Pilgrim: The Game, you dorks!

Bottleneck:  Those more inclined toward a Halloween hootenanny can catch an evening with Deadman Flats.   

Tap Room:   Will the Vigilantes perform a furious 30-second take on Monster Mash at the Tap?  Check them out along with The Copyrights and The Rackatees.


Liberty Hall:  Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz double-feature!

LAC:   EMU's HorrorShow has become a Halloween tradition for many (we're sporadic attendees), and this year's poster is terrifying.  Look away quick if you fear clowns!  There's a Halloween night performance at 7:30.

Photo detail

Who'd we leave out?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Picks: Art, Rambo, HonkyTonk, and More

Readers, we're too lazy today to put together a full slate of weekend picks but here are a few for tonight.

It's certainly clear that "The New Bullshit" opening at Invisible Hand and BARRR's "New Wood" opening at Frank's are must-attend events for Final Fridays.  And it's recently come to our attention that "Wayne Propst and Associates" will engage in a "Sacrificial Cow Raising" at 7:18 pm (according to LJ-World listing) at the Seed Co. studios. If you know what that means, you're smarter than us.  But you certainly don't want to miss it!  And check out our friend Karen's Larryville Artists blog for a more complete guide to tonight's festivities (and make sure to wish her a happy birthday if you spot her on the scene this eve!).

Our friends at Liberty Hall are bringing on more and more cool screenings these days (but where's October's Film Church, dudes?).   Tonight you can catch First Blood on the big-screen at 10:00 .  We hear they'll be serving "Rambo shots," composed of half Jager, half Rumple, which means the notorious and mysterious Rumple-loving serial retweeter known as @LarryfuckingKS will almost certainly be in attendance.

The Hips and Hospital Ships are playing early sets at Love Garden to celebrate their new 7" on Replay Records.  Insert some sort of 7" boner joke here. 

Hips and Hospital Ships: Split 7" Release Show

Junior Brown's playing an early set at the Bottleneck for the honkytonk crowd.  Look at that guit-steel:

Chip:  "He's a virtuoso, to be sure, but his finest performance remains his voice-over work as The Balladeer in the Dukes of Hazzard remake."

And Quiet Corral is at the Granada tonight.  End your evening with some soothing four-part harmonies.  We interviewed the band's Garrett yesterday.  Check it out here .


Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Interview With Quiet Corral: "Not Strictly Folk" / A Very Special Halloween Message From The Noise FM

We've been hoping to catch up with the fast-rising six-piece Quiet Corral for quite some time, but they stay busy on the tour circuit and we stay busy drinking PBR.  But things finally worked out for a brief conversation with guitarist/vocalist Garrett Childers prior to their Friday (Oct. 26) show at the Granada with openers Communist Daughter and Skypiper.

Check out the official Quiet Corral website here and like them on FB here .

Enjoy this chat in which Garrett tells us about a (literal) run-in with Rufus Wainwright and we encourage the band to abandon the lucrative contemporary "Folk Revival" circuit and apply their lovely harmonies to reviving a very "square" art form.

Chip:   There seems to be a whole new Folk Revival going on right now with a lot of earnest young bands like the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons.  Do you see yourselves as operating in a similar vein? Or are you secretly a bunch of snarky types below your kindly demeanors??

Garrett:  Haha, man, it's definitely really cool to be associated with bands such as Avett and Mumford - I know everyone in the band really admires both groups.  I think we probably operate in a similar vein.  However, we do try (whether successfully or not, who knows?) to put our own spin on the whole folk side of things.  Through not strictly using acoustic instruments and having a full drum kit and what not, we try to draw from some of our influences that are a bit more rockin', and make music that's not strictly folk.  

Richard:   You’ve played some relatively high-profile gigs of late, as well as shows at odd venues (the Oread rooftop).  Tell us a funny or  quirky or titillating story about a gig.

Garrett:  Recently we got to play at Austin City Limits Festival, which was really cool and a huge honor.  But on the second day we were there I was back in the artist area and thought I'd be smart and try to find a quicker way out onto the festival grounds rather than just taking the same way we'd been using the entire time.  Naturally, I got totally lost and ended up in the area reserved for the big time acts, which I'm pretty sure I was not supposed to be allowed into.  Anyway, I turned the corner and almost ran headfirst into Rufus Wainwright, and stumbled over my words trying to tell him that I'm a big fan and enjoyed his set.  He was really nice, especially because I probably looked like a bumbling idiot.

Chip:  I enjoy the four-part harmonies.  Is it damn difficult to perfect that?  Do you think you guys practice a hell of a lot more than all the sloppy, drunken garage rockers?  Also, would you ever consider putting those harmony vocals to use in a genre that I personally find more preferable: the barbershop quartet.

Garrett:  Thanks, man!  It can be a challenge sometimes, but we've found that the longer we play together and the more used to singing together we get, it gets easier and easier.  And I don't know about how our practice schedule would stack up compared to other bands'.  We actually can get kind of lazy sometimes and go a while without practicing, and then scramble before a show or tour to try and tighten up again. And yeah, as far as I'm concerned this whole "Folk Revival" thing is overrated - Barbershop Quartet Revival is what this country really needs.

Richard:  Leave our readers with a few sentences that convinces they why they absolutely MUST attend the Granada gig.

Garrett:  Well, supposedly the world is going to end in December, so this may be our final show in Lawrence.  I'd say that's as good of a reason as any to come.



We interviewed The Noise FM  way back in March and we still maintain that it's one of our funniest so far (and certainly the most erotic, since it deals primarily with the boys' penchant for Boy Meets World fan-fiction).  Reread it here .

Since then, it's become an LC tradition that we ask the "Noise Boys" to send us a short and hilarious blurb prior to their Lawrence homecoming shows.   Here they are pimping their first-ever LFK Halloween gig this Saturday (Oct. 27) at the Jackpot:

"Factor in previous bands and awful solo projects, and the members of The Noise FM have been playing music for a combined duration of well over 200 years. And to think, in all of that time, the boys have never hosted a Halloween show. Oh, there have been holiday-themed shows to be sure. We host the Noise For Toys Christmas benefit every year for the kids, despite the restraining order. And there was the first and last annual Arbor Day festival we hosted last year which resulted in the destruction of over 200 acres of pristine forest in Wisconsin so we could reload our confetti cannon. Yet we’ve never had the chance to get spooky with it.

On Saturday, October 27 at Jackpot, The Noise FM is playing our first ever Halloween-themed show. And you can bet your ass we're gonna kick the Jackpot right in the balls with a load of new tunes. We’re even planning to learn some special cover songs for the night assuming we can take a break from this god damn Jurassic Park Theme Park Builder game we downloaded from iTunes. We’ll also have a Halloween costume contest, decorations, and probably apples bobbing in a vat of PBR. 

Joining the bill are Lawrence bands Spirit Is The Spirit and Heartscape Landbreak, and Kansas City’s We Are Voices. The show starts at 9pm. Only $4 with a costume, $6 without." 

We think it's safe to assume that the Boys will be costumed themselves in some amusing fashion, so make sure to check them out and take pictures.  We're also hoping that their famous kitty, Mr. Budget, will make a costumed appearance.

Noise FM, Spirit Is The Spirit, Heartscape Landbreak, We Are Voices at Jackpot Halloween Show

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BARRR Tells Us About His "New Wood" : "You've never seen a sexier orange dripping blob of paint with TITS!"

Sure, we've interviewed local artist/living legend Jason Barr before (read it here), but we wanted to check back in with him for a few rants and raves prior to his "New Wood" opening this Friday at Frank's North Star.   We think you'll agree that this interview is imminently quotable!

For more madness, follow @BARRR on Twitter and visit his BARRR Heaven site here for any other links you might need to experience the extensive social-media presence of this LFK treasure!

Enjoy the interview.

Chip:   When I think of wood, the first thing that comes to my mind is boners.  Tell us about your “New Wood” opening at Frank’s.  I understand that the wood is a reference to actual wood, but PLEASE tell me you are at least incorporating a few dicks made of sticks in this exhibition, since we know you are no stranger to erection-related art.

BARRR:  Well... I'm obviously not a newcomer to a play on words. I was actually banned from putting dicks in this show. Frank asked me not to fill his bar with "penis rainbows" or "masturbating demons." He was actually the manager of the Bourgeois Pig when my original Heaven Party show went through the whole lawsuit bullshit. Don't fear tho... I thought about it and I think with all the burlesque shit goin' down there I just included a LOT of TITTIES! You've never seen a sexier orange dripping blob of paint with TITS! My show at Franks is the art equivalent of "God's loophole." I'm just takin it from behind. 

Richard:   Walk us through a couple of your favorite pieces from the “New Wood” opening.  How did they originate and what feelings do you want to evoke in the viewers?

BARRR:  I planned on showing 4-5 brand new, very worked-over, enormous pieces. Paintings no one has seen in Lawrence. I have a huge show in KC right now at 208 W. 9th Street in the Crossroads.  I didn't realize that the whole First Friday / Final Friday thing would leave me in the lurch. I was originally meant to show at Franks in November but I was laid off at the Lawrence Arts Center so I asked for my show to be bumped up. Papa's gotta make money! I gotta pay the bills. I'm kinda rabbit-trailing here but this is just where I'm at. I've got some intensely beautiful grotesque mixed media paintings that now take about a month to make each. That's a bit different from my original approach.  I used to intentionally make a piece an hour. I wanted to make 40 paintings a week. I'm still doing that but I noticed that the stuff that was huge and more expensive started flying out of galleries. I don't know what's up. I basically just started getting invited to tons of shows and then shit started selling. Things are changing rapidly for me right now. That being said...this show is my original style but mixed with my new acrylic, pen & ink, watercolor style. It has more depth. It looks more graphic. BUT...it's small pieces so I can crank em out. Boom. There ya go.

Chip:   I understand that Frank’s is hip as shit and everything, but I’m always scared to walk over the bridge into No Law after dark.   There are hobos under there, you know, and possibly also  trolls.  Convince me in a few sentences that I absolutely MUST attend this event.

BARRR:  This is a LATE opening.  I'll be bar tending the Final Friday event at the Lawrence Arts Center and then the Threepenny Opera. I may have been laid off but they're still taking care of me. I'm just shifting what I do. THEN...I'm walkin over the bridge to host the Final Friday after party, which is "New Wood." I'm gonna give some new wood to this already old-as-hell feeling Final Friday. It feels old already, right? 

Chip:  "Right."

BARRR:  Before I start really diggin' myself in a hole... I priced all this work to be affordable for the LFK kids. It's hard to find any extra $$$ these days. It's not free but at the rate my prices are increasing you'll never find it this easy to take home a BARRR. This show is for my first-love LFK!

Richard:  Obviously, we can't interview you and not let you cut loose on the 'scene.'  Give us the inside scoop on what's shaking in the LFK art world.

BARRR:  Alright...here's some shit talkin' now. There's basically the Invisible Hand & Wonder Fair killing it on the reg.  Ben Ahlvers is also a treasure. That dude is bringin' some great shows to the Arts Center. The aforementioned people are bringing in fresh faces for us to consume. You've also got some of the Seed Co. shit going down that is awesome. But all in all...we still need to step it up. If someone asked me if there was a thriving art scene in LFK... I'd say no. I'd say there's some really talented people here (like Jeff Immer...go to his show at the Invisible Hand) but all in all it's old rich hippie bullshit shit or some wack dude making the same bullshit over and over. 

[note: we showcased Immer's "The New Bullshit" opening at Invisible Hand opening yesterday on the blog:  check it out here]

Richard:   For awhile we all thought you were packing up and taking your hijinks over to KC permanently, but I’m glad you ended up staying in LFK and keeping things weird.  Tell us what all you’re working on these days and what’s on the horizon for BARRR in the near-future.

BARRR:  I was def moving to KC. If you picked up what I laid down in the previous ranty paragraph. I was over being around here. This place is suffocating for a dude like myself, that feels the need to constantly communicate with the scene or people around me. I do not feel supported by most of the people that I love to support. I think the older art/music scene are terrified to be affiliated with me. I scare the hell out of those old squares. AND now that I've lost my job here...I get it. You can't be too loud or wild here. You gotta make people happy and pacify people to keep scooping up the money from the college kids. Maybe I'm crazy. Either way... I'm still here cuz my wife is now a stylist at Headmasters on the west side. It's a killer job and I wanna support her. Elyse is pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me. I gotta chill for a bit and help her career. I can make crazy paintings in the basement and chill out with my girls all day. I also got a crazy nice house in N. Lawrence thanks to Patric Hangaur from 1'000'000'000 Light Years & Fourth of July. If you saw how beautiful my house is...you'd stay in Lawrence too. I also don't go out much anymore. Why would you leave N. Lawrence now that Frank's North Star Tavern exists. Come fuck with me on Friday night! I'll be there at 10pm. Fuck wit me! See a living legend in the flesh. You're welcome Lawrence KS! 

A glimpse at BARRR's "New Wood":






Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Possibilities: Pass the Hat at Percolator; Sleigh Bells and AraabMuzik at Granada; Afroman and New Suede at Bottleneck / Plus, Final Friday Pick #1

We always try to give a shout-out to the Percolator's Pass the Hat shows (when we know about 'em), so drop by this evening for a scenester potluck at 5:00 (does PBR count as an entree?) and music from four bands starting at 7:00.  Attempting a quick Google search on these bands will lead you down a number of wild rabbit holes but, as best as we can tell, the two headliners, Thanksgiving and Pajama Party, are prolific folky (maybe freak-folky?) types out of Portland and Olympia, WA, who also perform under numerous other monikers.  Thanksgiving (we think) was once called Drone Boner, a name Chip finds far more preferable.

The FB event page is here .



KJHK is working hard to keep KU's students hip, and they're sponsoring this evening's Granada double-bill of Sleigh Bells and AraabMuzik (only $5 bones for those with student ID's).   Is Sleigh Bells a bit past its hipster shelf-life at this point?  We don't know, since we never really "got" them to begin with.  But we do know that AraabMuzik gets a lot of raves as being a hell of a sight to behold in a live setting. Pitchfork says:

"AraabMuzik is a virtuoso percussionist whose instrument just happens to be an MPC pad, and longtime Dipset fans and fashionable interlopers alike elbow one another for space around his table, collectively freaking out over the physical spectacle."

Expect plenty of  "fashionable interlopers" on the scene this evening.  Someone send us a review.



Down at the Bottleneck, you can party like it's 2002 with Afroman.

Chip:  "I wonder if he'll play 'Because I Got High?"

Probably, Chip, but if you're high enough yourself, it won't really matter.

Our Bear Club buddies New Suede are also on the bill.  Go check 'em out.  And watch their "Ghost Bros" video, which always cracks us up.

 Afroman w/ New Suede and Rich Brown and Tactical Finesse @ The Bottleneck


Final Friday is just around the corner and we aren't seeing as many spooky Halloween-themed events as we hoped.  But the standout-scenester pick so far seems to be Jeff Immer's opening at Invisible Hand (now located in the Warehouse Arts District, for those who aren't keeping up).   It's called "The New Bullshit," and here's the scoop from the FB event page (check it out here and you'll see that 77 of your coolest friends are definitely attending):

The Old Bullshit was slow.
The Old Bullshit was simple and made people happy some of the time.
The Old Bullshit was mean.
The Old Bullshit loved money but could appreciate hard work. The Old Bullshit was comfortable with illusion.
The Old Bullshit went to bed early and woke up before the sun.
The New Bullshit is new.

Chip:  "He makes a strong case, but I still prefer The Old Bullshit."

Jeff Immer Ξ The New Bullshit

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Scenester Picks, From Heavy to Twee: Police Teeth at Replay and Tilly and the Wall at Jackpot / Photo of the Day: Sad Hawks

For those of you looking to extend your weekend, the Replay offers up a raucous Sunday slate featuring LFK's Muscle Worship and Jabberjosh along with Seattle's Police Teeth.

Aside from a cool band name, what else can Police Teeth offer?  A quick glance at their Bandcamp reveals equally great song titles such as "Gifts, Knives, Adult Movies" and "Where's My Fucking Hug?" and "Life is Precious and God and the Bible." 

Readers, that last one is a Mr. Show reference!  We're sold.

Police Teeth cover art

Awesomer Than The Devil cover art


At the Jackpot, Omaha's Tilly and the Wall take the stage. 

Chip: "Isn't that the tapdancing band?"

That's right, Chip, but Pitchfork says it best in their review of the band's new Heavy Mood:

"Like a glittery, tap-dancing unicorn, Tilly and the Wall have spent the better part of a decade giving meaning to the phrase 'twee as fuck.' "

It's hard to see how such a terrific statement could emerge from a tepid 5.9 review? We say: embrace the twee!

The opener, Nicky Da B, is (according to his website ) "at the forefront of the next generation of New Orleans Bounce Rappers."  LFK is sadly lacking in New Orleans Bounce gigs, so watch Treme on HBO tonight and head to this show for a night of  "Nawlins' culture (followed by twee Nebrasan tap-dancing).

Tilly and the Wall photo via this site:

 Now watch Nicky Da B's hilarious "Hot Potato Style" video!


Our photo of the day comes from this LJ-World gallery.  It's the sad 'Hawks leaving the field after last night's 52-7 drubbing in OU.  It seems unlikely that KU's Memorial Stadium will feature a similar championship-festooned walkway anytime soon (or ever).   Now let's just hope the campus newspaper can find a way to paint last night's massacre in a positive light, since Charlie doesn't like when the UDK is critical.

photo thumbnail

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Dueling Guest Reviewers Captain Chanute and Darling Nicky Examine Die Antwoord at Liberty Hall / Plus, Weekend Scenester Picks

Long-time readers of the LC will no doubt remember Captain Chanute's popular, astute, surprisingly academic 2010 piece on Die Antwoord (read it here).  Last night the Captain and his best gal (known here as Darling Nicky) were able to experience the Die Antwoord magic live and in person in LFK, and we asked them to compose a "he said/she said" piece of cultural commentary for us. They did a terrific job.


Captain Chanute:   Ladies and Piels, today my ears are bleeding and I couldn’t be happier! A new era in Larryville Hip began last night and I was there to witness it firsthand. It was a veritable rehash of the Gothic War, as the S. African duo invaded Liberty Hall, flanked by a shirtless and masked DJ Hi-Tek and a giant inflatable penis, pillaging the crowd as they spouted their vulgar, brogued English and barbaric Afrikaans. Luckily enough, I wasn’t alone at the modern-day Adrianople.  I was accompanied by my perennially young girlfriend, Darling Nicky, a firebrand with the face of an angel and the mouth of a sailor. 

Darling Nicky: I can speak for myself, you dick.

CC: Alright. Well, the show was awesome! For me, it was an artistic masterpiece from start to finish as they commanded the stage for an hour and a half, holding their crotches with one hand and a middle finger high in the air with the other.

DN: Masterpiece? When a show begins with a song that goes “DJ Hi-Tek’s gonna fuck you in ass,” I hardly call that art.

CC: Maybe so, but the crowd was so Hip! Tons of scantily-clad vixens in tattered, sexy outfits. It was totally Zef! Amazing how Die Antwoord’s futuristic, streetwise style permeated the place.

DN: That likely speaks to the marketability of one country’s trash to another. I hear Honey Boo Boo is big in England right now.

CC: Well, either way, the crowd was electric! As the strobes flashed and the dubstep beats pulsed from the speakers, the rave-like crowd bounced and swayed in syncopation, singing along in dutiful worship to classics like “Evil Boy” and “Enter the Ninja.”  

DN I imagine the crowds at National Socialist Worker’s Party rallies in the early 30’s being pretty similar. 

CC:  Dude, I can’t believe you didn’t think the show was totally Hip!

DNI never said that. In fact, the show was easily the Hippest LFK has seen in years.

CC: What?! 

DN:  Yeah, when Ninja told the crowd that overconsumption would cause bugs to infest their asses, pulled security on stage to hump his leg, and then dawned a KU basketball jersey for the encore, I was sold.

Chip:  I have two points to add.  (1) I can't fucking BELIEVE I missed a show with a giant, inflatable penis and (2) I'm now more than a little worried that my character is going to be written out of this blog (perhaps sent back to his home planet, Poochy-style) and replaced with this Darling Nicky person. She's pretty funny.

Giant penis!

KU jersey:

Underwear party:

A scenester salute:


Now, here's our jam-packed edition of Weekend Picks.

Kick off your weekend tonight with a spooky/funny double-feature at Liberty Hall (in collaboration with Wonder Fair).  At 7:00 there will be a  screening of the short-film Ghoul School, followed by a conversation with the filmmakers), followed by 80's cult-classic The Burbs.  And all that action will itself be follwowed by an afterparty at Wonder Fair.

Ghoul School is described as "Breakfast Club meets Poltergeist" and is supposedly filmed in the vein of classic 80's horror flicks.

Check out the FB event page  here and show up early this evening to snag a poster.

Ghoul School theme song:


Kick off your Friday evening early with a Replay matinee featuring Major Games and Traindodge.  They will damage the eardrums of everyone within a three-block radius or your money back!  Check out Major Games via Bandcamp over here .  And look at this flyer, which is decidedly softer and cuddlier than the pummeling you're about to get on the Replay patio tomorrow!

 Traindodge & Major Games @ Replay Lounge (Early Show)

Afterwards, you can remain at the Replay for "Shell's Last Stand."  Yes, apparently it's Michelle's last show with Hidden Pictures.  We miss her glockenspiel skills already!  Reread our Hidden Pictures interview here . It remains one of our favorites.  The FB event page is here .  HP is opening for Mark Mallman, who seems to hit the Replay a lot but never plays one of his epic 48-hour long shows we've heard rumors about.


Or you can hit the Bottleneck for KJHK sponsored triple-bill and witness the soaring pop of Hospital Ships, the Scary Manilow-style theatrics of Pale Hearts, and the hijinks of the Gunnerson brothers' new project Monsoon Lazer (which also contains Aaron Pillar of Appleseed Cast).  The FB event page is here.

Extravagant Trash

Simultaneously, at the Jackpot, you can see Jenny Dalton and her autoharp, a show we profiled earlier in the week. Reread that interview here .


Across the river at Frank's North Star, mingle with your progressive friends at the "Scary Times" costume party which will give prizes for the scariest Republican and Democratic costumes.  (we're going as Loewenstein's "Brownback in Flames" painting).    Your friend and ours Maggie Allen will tell some jokes around 9:00, followed by some good ol' Minneapolis hip-hop. 


KU has an evening game on Saturday at OU and after their inevitable loss you'll need to drink away the season's misery somewhere.  We suggest the Jackpot. since Til Willis and Erratic Cowboy will be on the scene, rocking about politics. Reread this week's interview with Til over here .


If you're more prone to elder statesmen of rock than local young whippersnappers, check out the guitar wizardry of Steve Kimock at the Granada on Sunday.  We understand that legendary keyboardist Bernie Worrell (the "Wizard of Woo"), renowned for his work with P-funk and Talking Heads, is now in the band.  All you young hippies should take a festival-break and learn from your elders!  Check out a free EP of some recent live tunes over here