Thursday, May 29, 2014

Final Friday and Weekend Music Picks: Art Cars, Selfies, Shy Boys, Your Friend, The OutFit, and More

It's the first Final Friday of the summer, but...we're just not sure people care anymore?  Where's the heavy promotion from the galleries?  Where's the fun?  But we'll focus on a few events that promise a good time.

The Lawrence Art Party out at Lawrence Creates can be counted on for weirdness and tunes.  Your pal and ours, Mr. Sam Billen, will be on hand this month.

And everybody loves LFK's art car parade, Art Tougeau, which takes to the streets at noon on Saturday.  There's a pre-party on Friday in front of the LAC with music from Paper Buffalo and Starhaven Rounders (can't find set times at the moment). Also, it's a good chance to see the art cars and watch some "steamroller printmaking."  Also, food trucks! Or at least a couple of them, including our new friends from Torched Goodness who will serve you some creme brulee, "torched fresh to order."

Here's a "phone car" that's ready to roll this weekend (photo via @6NewsLawrence):

Embedded image permalink

 Art Tougeau

Speaking of Paper Buffalo, catch those prolific kids tonight at the Jackpot, if you're so inclined:

Oh, and one more art pick. At the Pig.  It has "selfie" in the title.  Plus, we tweet with the artist sometimes. He seems cool.  FB event page here.

The prettiest pop show of the weekend is at the Tap on Friday (assuming the Tap is open for business again?).  Now this is a lineup to kill for if you like well-crafted pop songs, folks. The FB event page is here.

And the big rock show of the week is surely Your Friend's big tour kickoff party at the Replay on Saturday.  Since you all know about the awesomeness of Taryn already, let's focus on the opener: Denver's The Outfit   They're doing quite well these days themselves, with a new 7" called "Station Wagon Apocalypse" (order and listen here via Bandcamp) and a recording session lined up at Daytrotter.  We're pretty fond of our 2012 interview with them: read it here.  Make sure to get to the show early enough on Saturday to see them, damn it!  Also on the bill: the sexily-named See Through Dresses.

We dig The Outfit's 7" cover:

Station Wagon Apocalypse cover art

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: BongoTini at Frank's / Patricia Lockwood's New Poetry Collection / The Kimmie, The Yink, and the Holy Gose Ale

If you're a cool cat, you're probably pretty hyped about "BongoTini's triumphant return to Larryville" on Thursday for an evening of "secret agent jazz, exotica, Latin, space age pop, beatnik and hipster music and much more!"  Show starts at 7:00 pm Thursday upstairs at Frank's (it was moved from the Taproom, which is currently closed for "unforeseen emergency repairs," so please keep the Tap in your thoughts this week!).

Visit the FB event page here.


Not everyone realizes that one of America's coolest poets has recently moved to LFK.  Her collection Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals hit the shelves yesterday.  She's got a huge spread--sounds dirty!--in the New York Times Magazine (read it here) and the collection is  getting some sweet love from NPR: "a collection of wildly original poems: obscene, sharp, and funny, with titles like 'Bedbugs Conspire to Keep Me from Greatness' and 'Last of the Late Great Gorilla-Suit Actors.'" (read the full NPR piece here and make sure to read her very moving and, yes, sort of funny instant-classic poem "Rape Joke" here if you have not yet read it: it's been making the rounds for some time).  Follow Lockwood's delightfully bizarre and often filthy Twitter account here and please convince her to spend an evening with PBR Book Club soon!



And our beer of the week (which can be found at Ted's Taphouse) is called The Kimmie, the Yink, and the Holy Gose Ale.  Yes, it's a real thing.  We had to do a fair amount of research to even figure out what it all means.  It's from California's Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  Go drink it.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rooftop Rogues and Sword-Wielding Scoundrels: True Crime in LFK, Vol. I

Most of LFK's recent crimes are no laughing matter.  Six homicides since last July?  Numerous stabbings? Knock it off, why don't you?

But this multi-part summer series takes a look at the weirder, less violent, non-deadly side of LFK's criminal underbelly,  from inept robbers stealing strange things to enraged citizens wielding unexpected weapons to vandals and drunken bros and, yes, even the bad behavior of KU athletes.

Thanks to all of our Twitter friends who helped out with tips and links.  Keep them coming @larryvillelife through the summer.

Our journey begins high atop Larryville...

Surely the greatest unsolved (?) case of vandalism in recent years is the 2010 defacement of the brand new Oread Hotel as an intrepid graffiti artist (or artists) painted "SHOUT PEACE" on the difficult-to-access ninth-floor terrace.  Full story via LJ-World here.  This sort of initiative hasn't been seen again in the world of LFK vandalism.  Are the culprits perhaps biding their time and plotting another daring plan?  Well, the Compton building at 9th and NH will be opening soon enough (hint, hint).

Great photo via Richard Gwin.

 Photo detail

It's hard to pronounce the name of one of LFK's most notable ceiling-crawling burglars:
Suwamet Hanratanagorn.  After an hour-long search earlier this year in the ceilings of the 23rd Street Dillon's, Suwamet was finally brought to justice after stealing prescription drugs from the pharmacy and damaging the ceiling. Was this the same man who had successfully escaped two previous ceiling incidents there?  We're guessing so.  Full story via LJ-World here.

Easier to pronounce (and impossible to forget) is our next ceiling-crawler, Jimboy, who was coaxed out of the ceiling at Muncher's Bakery in November of 2013.  It's a mysterious tale, with Jimboy claiming that he became locked in the bathroom and climbed in the ceiling to escape, a claim made problematic by the fact that the bathrooms (apparently) have no locks.  Our theory is that he was planning a major, Mission Impossible-style donut heist, perhaps lowering himself on strings from the ceiling into the shop (a scheme that would have been complicated by the fact that Muncher's is open 24 hours a day).  Read the LJ-World crime report here. Jimboy has since been immortalized in story and song by local troubadour Will Averill, seen here performing "The Wreck of the Anthony Jimboy" at Frank's (photo via Jason Badgett):

the tune at Frank's:

 Embedded image permalink

As far as we know, swords haven't played a role in the recent spate of stabbings in LFK, but they've certainly appeared in memorable crime stories over the years.

Let's begin in the courtroom, with this unforgettable line from a 2005 LJ-World piece:

"State's exhibit No. 1 sat on a table at the front of the courtroom: a set of two swords in sheaths, one sheath marked with the word 'Jesus' and the other marked with the word 'Christ.' "

Why were "Jesus" and "Christ" having their day in court?  Their owner had threatened officers with his trusty "saviors" the year before, damn near getting himself shot in the process:

"An eyewitness described seeing Riley crouch and wave the swords as the officers stood about six feet in front of him with their guns drawn, shouting for him to drop the weapons."

Swords made the news again last year in the strange theft of "a medium-length Japanese-style sword, a blind black cat and [a pair of] Chinese meditation balls."  The burglar wisely employed the sword on his next stop:  "the man terrified the residents of a nearby mobile home by barging in through their front door. He had no shoes or shirt on, but he was wearing the stolen sword on his waist in a scabbard, and was carrying the meditation balls and the cat." Full report via LJ-World here.

We'd love to see an artist's rendering of this crime!

Coming soon to "True Crime in LFK":  a foot in a bucket and a cue ball in a Crown Royal bag.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedians; Strange Brew; Westport Roots Festival, And More

Our weekend picks are up a day early.  LFK offers up a full slate of comedy hijinks and music to accompany your Memorial Day boozing.

We've spent a few recent Thursdays checking out the Harpoon Presents gang in the Big 6 Room at the Eldridge as they offer up two comedy shows each week (one at 8:00, one at 10:00, with more-or-less punctual start times).  Each week brings a different local headliner, preceded by three or four local or touring acts.  The setting provides an elegant backdrop for such bits as Rob Schulte's ruminations on Aronofsky's "ass-to-ass" scene and Joe Noh's cataloguing of his best wet dreams.  Tonight's headliner is Peter Lyrene.  Does he have any timely Ryan Gosling material regarding Gosling's much-hated directorial debut at Cannes?  Let's find out.  Visit the FB event page here.

Will a bunch of hosers show up to watch Strange Brew  on the big screen at Liberty Hall on Friday at 8:00?  We're not sure what kind of crowd to expect for this one, but Mr. Mean Melin from Scene Stealers claims to have seen the damn thing about 100 times, and presumably there are others like him out there!  Find more details about "the greatest Canadian, beer-centric, Shakespeare adaptation ever made" via the Liberty Hall site here.

Sort of an odd Friday at the Replay as they trade in the usual matinee folk and bluegrass for an evening with our (loud) pals in The Organ Loaners, along with KC's Jorge Arano Trio and Wichita's The Wonder Revolution.  Who?  Well, go find out, or find some more info via the FB event page,which includes this ingriuing pic:

And the late show of Friday's Replay double-headers is a rap and hip-hop evening with the "Pocket Full of Loud" tour featuring Steddy P and Stik Figa and others.  We're still fond of our Stik Figa interview from 2012.


If you're in need of a music festival for the holiday weekend, our pick is the Westport Roots Festival on Saturday, which is full of the kinds of Americana-bands that we continue to dig even though it's not very cool to dig them anymore.

On Saturday, Comedy Freakout returns to Frank's with The Fine Gentlemen's Club from Denver.  FB event page here. They certainly look pretty funny.

There may be other stuff happening too.  Or just go to the lake.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Morrissey (Finally) Plays in Liberty Hall: "Do Whatever You Want To Me, Just Don't Send Me Back to Lincoln, Nebraska" / Wednesday Goomba Dance Party at Gaslight Gardens

We dig The Smiths as much as the next sad bastards, but solo Moz isn't really our thing and we certainly weren't planning to dish out the big bucks for a potential trainwreck at Liberty Hall.  Lucky for us, some free tickets fell in our lap. 

Here are a few highlights from the show, without pictures, of course, since photos weren't allowed along with a VERY large list of other prohibitions including leather pants and wallet-chains. Check out a photo here which @BARRR claims is a guy who was forced to remove his leather pants.

--First off, we weren't really expecting the full-body patdown on the way in. Chip requested that his be performed by a lady, but they were sticking to same-sex patdowns.  (Chip: "I still got a boner.").  Luckily, we weren't packing our knives, but new Kansas legislation is poised to make all kinds of knives legal in bars.  Expect stabbings to increase.

 --We missed the opener, and then got stuck in a possibly record-setting beer line that stretched the length of the balcony and halfway down the stairwell.  Holy shit!  The guy behind us told us he'd been there since eight and was "pretty sure" that no opener had played.  Not sure what he was doing during that hour?  Sadly, we missed some pre-show video political commentary (such as "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" playing over Margaret Thatcher clips).  But of course the show itself contained some obligatory, very disturbing animal cruelty clips during "Meat is Murder."

--We were certain the woman behind us was going to hyperventilate during the long lead-up to Moz's appearance.  Such screaming!  The cult of Moz is just as rabid as you've heard.

--And the show?  The show was actually pretty good, with Moz in fine voice and sufficiently theatrical.  Great sound too, even under the often-muffled overhang downstairs, where we ended up for the encore.  Moz opened the show with a bitchy comment: "Do whatever you want to me but please don't send me back to Lincoln, Nebraska," referring to one of at least two recent shows where he ended the set abruptly.  But this show delivered a full set, complete with encore, and fairly light on talk--with a few exceptions like a rant again the Sea Life aquarium in KC and some surprisingly friendly banter with the crowd.  Misery of the subject matter aside, Moz actually seemed to be having a pretty good time. Though the set was predictably heavy on solo Moz stuff and new-ish material, there were a few Smiths tunes, our favorite being "Hand in Glove" with Moz howling "Yes, I know my luck too well, you'll probably never see me again!"  This lyric seems likely, given the long scheduling problems for this show, and the audience was certainly savoring every moment while they could.  Presumably the fervent fanbase digs the new material too, though it didn't do much for us.  One song was a short sad number about a dying bullfighter.  Chip cried a little.

--At the end, Moz told us he "love, love, loves" us, and took his shirt off.  The crowd, predictably, went berserk.

--During one of our tweets, our phone autocorrected "Morrissey" to "Mortuary."  It was so perfect that we left the tweet uncorrected. 


Do you ever find yourselves wondering, "Where do all the little goombas hang out in LFK these days?"

Well, tonight they are on the Gaslight patio hosting a big summer dance party with Maal a Goomba and New Suede and Michael Parallax ("celebratory electronic spiritual revival Tent Music").  The FB event page promises you'll "groove, sway, drink, dance, sweat, drip, and glow."  Starts at 9-ish.

It will look like this: 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Pie Apprentices; Decade Coffee Shop; New Cowboy Indian Bear EP

The pie revolution is underway in LFK and piemaker extraordinaire Meghan is seeking a "pie apprentice" (and other positions) for the soon-to-open Ladybird Diner with a funny ad that you can see in full here"Pie apprentice. No experience needed. Must love baking. Soul of an old woman preferred."  We hear that there's been a flood of applicants so far.  Our personal pick is @_cimmy.  We've yet to meet her in human form, but she's sassy, Southern, and seems to know a lot about pie, a combination that seems very promising indeed.

Here's the logo, which looks nicely retro.


We're not big coffee drinkers, and we haven't made it over to the recently-opened Decade in East Lawrence yet, but we like it nonetheless, and look forward to hanging out there (especially if they get a beer license and more food options!). Check out their Facebook page here to ogle some coffee. They also have a cool logo:


Cowboy Indian Bear dropped a free new EP on your asses this morning to kick off summer in LFK.  It's called "Vandeventer," though we prefer to call it the "broke down van album," which is easier to remember.  Check it out via Bandcamp and read the origin story while you're there.   

Vandeventer cover art


And we like this new combination at the Replay patio bar:  PBR tallboys and antacid tables (located not far from Taco Zone).

Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Rescheduled Show Week in LFK! Morrissey and Riff Raff at Liberty Hall

Moz fans are hoping that the third time is a charm this week. After two medical-related cancellations, Morrissey is slated to play on Tuesday at Liberty Hall.   So put on your "Meat is Murder" shirt, pay your big bucks, and see what happens (presumably a bunch of spoken-word stuff from the new album).

Research indicates the singer stormed off during the encore at last week's El Paso show due to security issues, but otherwise the shows have been happening. And at least he left during an appropriately-titled song:

"During "Someday Goodbye Will Be Forever," the second song of the encore, fans one-by-one climbed the stage and hugged or attempted to hug Morrissey.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend Picks From A-Z (Actually, From the Replay to Frank's)

It's graduation weekend and it's depressingly cold outside.  What's going on this weekend besides massive traffic jams at 23rd and Louisiana?

Wakarusa Fest is dead but Festy Fest lives on in the woods outside LFK. The hippies took to the frigid woods last night for the pre-party.  

Let's hope the Replay kicks the patio lamps and fire pit into high gear for their weekend patio events:  B-Side Players tonight and Spring Into Summer tomorrow.  As near as we can tell, the only media outlet covering the B-Side Players big 20 year anniversary tour is INK KC.



Our friends in Wells the Traveler are at the Jazzhaus tonight.  And 40 Watt Dreams is having a CD release there on Saturday.  These are very good bands.  Apparently very good bands are playing at the Jazzhaus again these days.



There's a staged reading at Theatre Lawrence on Saturday. We don't know anything about it, but there are some talented folks involved, including Kip Niven, who can currently be seen in Kevin Wilmott's Jayhawkers.


Wye Oak is at the Granada on Saturday with Braids opening.  It'll be good.  Has Granada slacked off on social media lately, or do we just not pay attention very well?


And there's a Tom Petty tribute band at Frank's on Saturday.  We can't find any real info or a flyer.  We think it might be the Magentlemen?  If so, it'll kick ass.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nerd Nite 27 Recap: "Moist Tongue" / LFK Show of the Day: Bobby Bare Jr. at Replay

Another Nerd Nite came and went.  The theme was "Earth, Wind, and Fire."  The band was not present, though it seems like they'd be fairly cheap to hire these days.  Here's a rundown of the proceedings:

After the obligatory origin tale and a new installment of "Things We're Nerdy About Right Now" involving women who dig computers, Jake Hodson kicked off the presentations with a discussion of the components of outdoor space, considering well-designed spaces ranging from LFK's Mass Street to New York's Central Park (designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, lovingly dubbed "FLO" in this presentation).   He also dipped into poorly designed spaces, considering LFK's lame options for cyclists.

Next up, and our pick for the evening's highlight, was Dr. Jay Antle's stormchasing presentation, cleverly beginning with a shout-out to legendary fear-inducing weatherlady Katie Horner, better known in these parts as "Katie Tornadie": note the photo below for a sense of her tactics.  We grew up in rural Arkansas alongside numerous small towns absolutely decimated by tornadoes, so we  tend to think of stormchasers as lunatics (at best), but Antle's informative and entertaining presentation helped sell us on the allure and value without downplaying the risk, ending with a nice tribute to the three chasers who recently died in Oklahoma.  Along the way, we learned that weather terminology such as "moist tongue" is just as giggle-inducing as the terminology from Beth Beavers' now-classic presentation on farm equipment ("gang plows").  We also loved the digression into diner food and Antle's quest for the best club sandwich and fries as he stormchases his way around the country.  Best of luck!


Afterward, we once again failed to win the raffle, and we REALLY wanted those sodas from Mass Street Sodas.  But we quickly got over the pain of loss as Michael Harry launched into the "fire" component of the evening with the question "What the fuck IS a foundry?"  For sheer volume of profanity, this presentation may have even rivaled Jai Nitz's swearing from Nerd Nite 17, not an easy task, as Harry led us through the perils and pleasure of DIY foundries.  Sadly, there was no actual fire to be seen in this presentation: no nerds were burned.  But we'd love to visit Harry's foundry and watch him work and burn shit and curse!

Next up:  a collaborative Nerd Nite with the Free State Film Festival in June (date to be announced, but not on the usual Wednesday).  Then:  another edition of Summer Shorts, possibly featuring Chip's long-awaited presentation on literary erections.


Folks, the show of the day in LFK is Bobby Bare Jr. at the Replay.  He's the son of Nashville's legendary Bobby Bare, he can tell you some tales about George Jones, he's about to head out on tour with Guided by Voices, his new album Undefeated is out on Bloodshot Records, and he's the subject of a documentary called "Don't Follow Me (I'm Lost)".  And, yes, you can see him at the damn Replay tonight with CS Luxem (and again at the Granada in June with GBV, for a higher price tag).  Having once spent a raucous drunken evening at a Bare Jr. and Lucero show at the Bottleneck, we can tell you from experience that you need to be on hand tonight!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LFK Festival of the Week: Spring Into Summer at the Replay

With summer upon us (despite the cold-ass weather), LFK usually has at least one festival per week.  The Food Truck Fest kicked things into high gear last week, and this week brings the Replay's annual Spring Into Summer event.  We're not sure it technically qualifies as a festival, but there are a bunch of bands, and also tacos, so it's close enough in our book.  Mouthbreathers make a return appearance as headliners, and the bill is stacked with old favorites like Drakkar Sauna and new favorites like OILS. But is Psychic Heat playing, you may ask yourself?  And the answer is:  of course, dummies!

Visit the FB event page here for set times.

Nobody made a flyer apparently?  But here's the pic from the FB event page plus a recent pic from Taco Zone.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Craft Beer Week Picks: The Roaming Pint at Free State; Biere de Guarde at 23rd Street Brewery; Get Ripped Brewfest in KC

It's American Craft Beer Week, so let's take a look at a few related LFK and KC events.

Free State offers up a collaborative brew again.  We weren't fans of the smoky beer last year that tasted like bologna, but this year's collaboration with The Roaming Pint seems more promising.  There's a firkin tapping at Free State tonight at 7:30 as they unveil a black ale called "The Roaming Pint."  A band (we can't figure out which?) is also slated to play outside the brewery. Also, it will probably be pretty fucking cold outside after dark (on May 13).

Some other Free State events are listed below as well. Sadly, we missed the "beer-smelling" seminar last night, but we can certainly sniff out a PBR easily enough on our own.



Try another collaborative beer from 23rd Street Brewery and the Lawrence Brewers Guild out at 23rd Street this week.  It's called the Biere de Garde.  We can't find a picture of it.

In other news, Chip is feeling left out these days with seemingly everyone but him brewing their own beer.  So you can expect to try some "Boner Beer" in the near future.


And Dempsey's offers special craft beer happy hours all week.  The choices aren't too exciting, but Lagunitas is today, and that's pretty good.



Perhaps the coolest Craft Beer Week event is not in LFK but over at KC's Big Rip Brewing 
as they host their first year anniversary party with a big bash on Saturday.  We hear there's something called a Bubba Banana Cream Ale and we want one!

Get Ripped Brew Fest

Monday, May 12, 2014

Kansas Food Truck Fest Recap: A Delicous Mess / Nerd Nite 27 Preview: Earth, Wind, and Fire

Lawrence likes to think of itself as a hip city and, therefore, we get very insecure when it comes to our glaring lack of food trucks.  So you can bet that folks showed up in hordes to the first annual Kansas Food Truck Festival in the East Lawrence Warehouse Arts District. 

But how did it go?  Well, we described it that evening as a "delicious clusterfuck."  Here are some highlights and suggestions for the future.


Wilma's Real Good Food from KC served us a tasty meatloaf slider topped with caramelized onions. Sadly, long lines later in the evening deterred us from trying one of their coveted frog leg tacos.

The tinga sopes from Indios Carbonsitos, also from KC, were excellent.

And a shout out to the terrifying thunderstorm that kindly skirted the city instead of dumping "hen egg-sized" hailstones on us (though scenesters were totally willing to get killed by hail if it meant the lines might move faster).

Problems and suggestions:

Long lines:  This is presumably to be expected at any food truck festival but, by 6:00 or 7:00 pm, many people were waiting in line more than an hour for food. Perhaps having more than six food trucks could have helped.

Confused guests:  The main entrance gate was cash only, though this wasn't clearly and consistently announced, which forced many people with pre-bought tickets to be redirected into another, even longer, line.   Also, passing out a menu and map to guests could be a good time-saving measure (and really seems like kind of a no-brainer).

Tickets for beer:   We always hate having to purchase tickets to procure stuff at festivals (which we've always viewed mainly as a scam meant to encourage people to buy more tickets than they'll end up using).  But this Fest was especially annoying in that certain things required tickets (beer...and even water!), while other things did not (cocktails and food). Very strange.

Music stage:  Despite a solid line-up of great Lawrence bands, the music element seemed like an afterthought, with a stage relegated to the far end of Pennsylvania Street, on the asphalt, instead of in several grassy areas nearby.   There were no tables nearby for anyone who might want to eat while rocking.  And, at least for the early sets, there was almost no audience, since everyone was (of course) stuck in long lines for food.

Despite the bitching, however, we mostly enjoyed ourselves, but we're surprised that there weren't at least a few minor stabbings committed by tired and hungry attendees.

Wilma's Real Good Food truck: 


We've heard some grumbling from organization-loving nerds because the specific presentation info for Nerd Nite 27 was slow in being announced this time around.  But the line-up has finally arrived for the "Earth, Wind, and Fire"-themed event and it looks pretty solid.  Find full details here and FB event page here.

There's a timely presentation on storm-chasing, a discussion of outdoor space, and a marvelously-titled presentation called  “Making Shit with Fire: How to Burn Yourself Fifty Times to Make a Doorstop."

All this for $1.  It's still the best deal in town, grumbly nerds.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weekend Picks: SHOUT PEACE and Shout BUELLER and Eat Frog Leg Tacos While Listening to Psychic Heat!

It's Stop Day Eve in LFK, and there will be drunken shouting on Mass. Street. But over in NoLaw people will be SHOUTING PEACE (if you catch our reference) as ELFK's beloved KT Walsh gets a "Peace and Justice" award.  Find some details here via LJ-World.  A reggae band will be playing because, well, you can't very well give out "Peace and Justice" awards without a reggae band, can you, mon?

If you're not hip to KT, check out a 2007 profile from back in the good old days when commenters  were allowed to say stuff like "Go troll somewhere else, asshole!"

Lawrence artist KT Walsh.

If you prefer more traditional scenester fare, head to the Jackpot for an I Heart Local Music Stop Day showcase featuring Forrester, Middle Twin, and (obviously) Psychic Heat, playing their first of at least two weekend shows. The FB event page is here.  Awesome poster!


Those clever kids at Liberty Hall invite you to spend your Stop Day watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off (twice).  Screenings are at at 7:00 and 9:30.  The FB event page is here.

Friday's wackiest Stop Day hijinks are likely to occur at the Atomic Prom at the Replay, where the doo-wop daddies (and mommas) of Dean Monkey and the Dropouts headline a big bill including The Natural (which contains members of, yes, Psychic Heat!) and Nark and the Larks and the DJ stylings of Modrey Hepburn and Mr. Jon Harrison.  Visit the FB event page here.  You'd think there would be a cool poster for an event like this, but the included pic at least gives you a feel for the innocent nature of the evening:

On Saturday, all other events are eclipsed by the massive Kansas Food Truck Festival in ELFK. Psychic Heat will be providing part of the soundtrack for your frog leg tacos.  We already wrote about it over here, but please study this handy map so you don't get lost and wander into some empty Eastside warehouse and get stabbed. 


And end your weekend at the Replay with a matinee from LFK's Mr. Til Willis and a person or band called Salvador Francisco. As near as we can tell, Psychic Heat is not playing at this show.  Dig this poster:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beers of the Week: Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA; Hipster Ale; Bikini Beer; and Boulevard's Saison-Brett

Our Beers of the Week column continues NOT to appear weekly, but it's back today, so savor it while you can.

We always need to check in with our friends at Ted's Taphouse to see what's new.

Lets's go with the Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA, which sounds like a delightful summer concoction.  It was on tap as of May 2, so likely it's still around.  

We spotted some Evil Twin Hipster Ale on the shelves at Cork and Barrel on 23rd recently.   It seems like a true hipster beer shouldn't have to advertise itself as such.  But yet Evil Twin is pretty hip.  So who knows?  Anyway, we're sticking with PBR because it's way cheaper.

Chip was more enamored with the Bikini Beer sitting close by on the shelves.  Here is the description from Evil Twin:

"Named after atom bomb test grounds, designed by a French car engineer - the bikini was to many a disturbing and degrading creation but fortunately for others a symbol of emancipation. This is attractively light bodied, seductively well balanced and very drinkable Bikini Beer is anything but a sissy beer."

Who's ready to crack one open at the Village Square Pool?

And Boulevard's very popular Saison-Brett hit shelves yesterday as part of their Smokestack Series.  Hopefully our ELFK Smokestack connoisseurs snagged a few bottles to accompany their morels

So what are you sipping or swilling this week, LFK?