Thursday, March 31, 2011

Das Racist and Ebony Tusks: The Reviews Are In / Read Across Larryville Begins Tomorrow

Ultimately, we weren't hip enough to attend last night's Das Racist/Stik Figa/Ebony Tusks/Team Bear Club hip-hop extravaganza at the Granada, but we feel like we can piece together a good sense of the evening from Chewyfally's Channel 6 commentary and the Pitch's review.

" a grand gesture of support, the entire Team Bear Club crew had crawled onto the stage and danced throughout Ebony Tusks' entire set. The entire crew was decked out in black, with the men wearing leather jackets and the women donning shimmering black tights." (Chewyfally).

Chip: "What IS this Team Bear Club? Is it a cult, like Polyphonic Spree, and how can I become a part of it?"

"Das Racist kept you second guessing their musical identity. Just when you start to get into a serious beat, they start running circles around the stage while making animal noises." (Chewyfally).

Richard: "I'm certain that Pitchfork would see these 'animal noises' as a powerful political statement of some sort, perhaps a commentary on how pop culture is forcing us all to devolve into a more primal state."

And the Pitch says:

"[Martinez] Hillard is perhaps most known for playing in Cowboy Indian Bear, but without a guitar and microphone stand to anchor him, he raced around the stage, his iconic-in-Lawrence dreadlocks spinning like chopper wings. Hillard's Cowboy Indian Bear pal Katlyn Conroy grooved behind him onstage, wearing a homemade shirt that read "Ivory Hooves," a no-doubt subtle allusion to a forthcoming Lawrence supergroup, Cowboy Indian Bear Club. (The scene can only hope.)"

Richard: "Indeed 'the scene' does hope for that. Personally, I'd like the supergroup to get one step more 'super' by incorporating the Rooftop Vigilantes and becoming Cowboy Indian Bear Club Vigilantes."

"During one song [by Das Racist], as I took the above picture, my camera's flash caught the attention of Kandabolu, who promptly lobbed a half-full can of Bud Light across the crowd, hitting my left leg. "I don't think he wants his picture taken," said the guy next to me. I threw what was left of the can back at Kandabolu, splattering his left leg as well. He shrugged with an impressed nod. Retribution was mine."

Chip: "Once again, violence erupts at a hip-hop show. But at least it's nerdy, Larryville-style violence."

Read Chewyfally's piece (with photos and video) here

And read the Pitch review here


The proclamation has officially been made (photo below; click to enlarge): April is Read Across Lawrence month and the book is Harper Lee's beloved masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird. Expect to see hipsters at the Replay reading dog-eared, PBR-stained, paperback copies. Expect to see pseudo-intellectuals at the Pig reading on their IPAD 2's while discussing the book's use of 'the Other'; expect to see hippies on the Free State patio reading copies they dumpster-dived and discussing how the book tells us we've all got a right to be free, man!

We'll be discussing the book on Twitter off and on throughout the month at the hashtag #TKAMB , along with our Twitter-buddies @nuthousepunks and @theraymondmunoz and whoever else wants to tweet along. Come join us.

Find a list of the complete slate of Read Across Lawrence events here


B said...

I'm reading, too!


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Boo said...

The mayor has proclaimed that it must be read, so it MUST be read.

We'll probably start tweeting a little more about it once the events get officially underway.