Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Scenester Picks and the Blog Takes a Labor Day Vacation

Readers, we're taking a few days off to see how many PBRs we can drink between now and Tuesday, but don't forget the weekend's top events:

1) Legendary Larryville DJ Ray Velasquez will rock the Sanctuary Sunset Soiree on the Replay patio tonight from 6:00-9:00, and we predict aging scenesters will come out of the woodwork to reminisce about their 80's days hanging at the Sanctuary. You should read the Pitch piece by @nuthousepunks , in which Velasquez says: "I continue to stimulate the cultural clitoris and generate social lubrication for deeper penetration."

We predict the Soiree might erupt into an orgy (if everyone remembered to take their Viagra today).

Chip: "Why can't this DJ rock a set down at Quinton's?"

2) Danny Joe Gibson's poster exhibit opens in KC's First Fridays tonight! (details in sidebar).

4) KU football returns on Saturday. Most pundits predict the McNeese State game as KU's sole victory of the season. We think those pundits are wrong, and that KU will not win a single game.

4) Gillian Welch at Liberty on Sunday. No snark here, readers. She and David Rawlings are the very best. But this picture of them opening for Buffalo Springfield IS pretty funny.

See you next week.

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