Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Recap: Donald Glover at Lied Center and Legends of the Phog

We joined the youthful throngs at the Lied Center last night for an evening of dick, shit, rape, and race jokes (all delivered in a playful tone of childlike wonder) from rising star Donald Glover, known to many as Troy on Community.

Favorite line
: "Kix is like the handjob of cereal."

Favorite bit of crowd interaction:

Glover (to a group of loud and obnoxious and likely-drunk grad students): "Are you all studying acting?"
Students: "WE'RE MFA's!"
Glover: "I don't understand. I feel like you're just shouting letters at me."

Verdict: big laughs, and a hearty thanks to Glover for sticking around for a wonderful and lengthy and unexpected Q&A session after the set.


Elsewhere in Larryville, the Legends of the Phog (plus Josh Selby) delivered a rousing performance to a packed Fieldhouse that culminated in a tie game (111-111) after a last second 3-point shot from Mario Chalmers (oh, the memories!).

The announcers spoke of how the tied scoreboard make them think of family and the undying bonds of Jayhawk unity.

Chip: "It made ME think that they needed to finish the fucking game. This ain't soccer, folks."

And over at KU Sports we found this very bizarre (and poetic!) talkback comment from "jaybate" which we're presenting here in full. Let's title it "An Ode to Brandon Rush."

A legendary day!

Pierce has grown up to be an incredible human being.

Mario Chalmers is the man the gods have chosen to do their will.

Danny is our Joe Dimaggio quietly dignified.

And like always, in the background, quietly letting it all play out around him, leaving space and time for every one to play their riffs, to be themselves, there is MY man...

Brandon Rush.

He is the grand master of jazz.

He is the Count Basie of wood.

He is a man out of time in time.

In the age of the ego maniacal, in the age of the grab it all sooner rather later, in the age of XTReme hype, he is the man that makes the whole flipping band play beautiful.

Brandon is still the real invisible hand.

Brandon is still the Dancing Wu Li master.

Brandon is still the only one who gets it all.

Everyone else is playing their role magnificently.

But Brandon is the Kool Jazz goofy Buddha at the center of it all.

He is the axle on this mandella.

He is the youngest brother who has seen it all and gets it all and know you just do what you do and keep the family loose and keep a low profile and step in occasionally, as smoothly as possible, and support them when they need it...expecting no reward.

Brandon even has to be patient with Bill Self, who is so busy with his as ringmaster and being in awe of his own heroes.

Even Coach Self is not yet at a point where he can see Brandon for what he is.

Brandon is The Legacy's Wu Li Master.

Rock Chalk!

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