Sunday, September 18, 2011

Local Tattoo of the Week, Vol. II / Sunday Scenester Picks

We're still looking for local tattoos to showcase in this occasional series. Up today: our buddy Nicholas from Mammoth Life, who sent us this tattoo recommendation:

"Hit up Brent at Big Daddy aka BDC on Mass St; he did my ML Crest Logo over my heart #thatguyislegit"

Who's up next? Tweet your tattoo tales to @larryvillelife along with a pic.


Looks like a dull night in Larryville as far as scenester activities go, but we're amused by's descrption of this evening's Replay matinee with Lonnie Fisher and the Lawn Furniture Show and Positive Wisdom Serpent:

"Both bands will feature a stripped down lineup and explore the outer reaches of their discography" (

Since we are largely unfamiliar with these vast back catalogues, we plan to spend the afternoon catching up on their work. See you on the patio. But we'll probably adjourn before you metalheads and doom-rockers arrive for Leeches of Lore's late show. They describe their genre as "horse fuckery."

We'll leave you with an old photo of Lonnie Fisher making sweet potato gnocchi at Wheatfield's.

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