Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Cultural Guide: Gangsters, Art, and Music

It's Final Friday, and we hope you join us for our rounds.

Practice up on your gangster lingo (we plan to quote Miller's Crossing all night: "What's the rumpus?") and enjoy the staged robbery at Teller's. Get yourself an Asteroid Head cocktail at Pachamama's (it may or may not contain Pop Rocks and kill you). And check out The Spook Lights rocking outside the Arts Center.

After that, we'll be passed out. But the rest of you can stick around for the Netherfriends, who play the late show at the Replay and have an adorable name.

According to their Facebook page they "are that bastard-psych-pop-catchy as hell one-man band that you’ve been searching for."

Netherfriends played the Pitchfork Music Fest in 2010, so they must be sufficiently hip. And we can dig this album cover.

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