Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Scenester Guide: Rock, Comics, Arts

Our time is limited today, readers, so we offer you this quick guide to local shenanigans this weekend.


1) Tim Kasher, of Cursive and The Good Life, is at the Jackpot. Are either of those bands still hip? It doesn't matter, because Fourth of July is opening, and they are perpetually hip.

2) The Slow Death is at the Replay. They have their own comic book! Read the Pitch piece by @nuthousepunks over here .


1) Speaking of comics, geek out at the Free State Comicon tomorrow at the fairgrounds. The Astrokitty crew will be on hand drawing a live comic, possibly of a robot who think he's a vampire.

2) It's been a looooong couple of weeks without a Mouthbreathers show while they were on tour, but they'll be back in action on Saturday at the Jackpot. Perhaps they'll play six or so consecutive gigs to make up for their absence. Also on the bill: Spook Lights and Dry Bonnet (we haven't seen Dry Bonnet, but hipster-tipsters like our occasional columnist Duckie have been raving about them).

3) Katlyn Conroy is playing simultaneously across the street at Replay on Saturday. If you're truly hip, you'll see some of both shows. And visit her new Bandcamp page as well. We're playing "Rabbits" as we write this.

Chip: "It's about rabbits, and she says 'fuck' a bunch of times on it."

4) KU has an important home stand against NIU at Memorial Stadium as they attempt to prove they are capable of winning more than one game this season. Catch them before the Big 12 crumbles entirely and our sports teams are left as the sole members, scrimmaging sadly against ourselves.


Get your arts and crafts on at Haskell's Indian Arts Market and the Fall Arts and Craft Festival at South Park ( will tell you that the latter is on Saturday: it isn't).

And catch Sissy Spaceship opening for the Ants at the Sunday Replay matinee. We don't know who or what Sissy Spaceship is, but our prediction is: adorable.

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