Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Foodie Blog: Art and Donuts and Queen Lizzy's Fish and Chips

Here's a random sampling of our favorite foodie news of the week.

--If you stopped by the Farmer's Market this morning for a Hurtz Donut, you might have been surprised to find it accompanied by specially designed artwork from BARRR (photo courtesy of @lally_mac ):

Chip: "A man can't even eat a fucking longjohn in this town without being accosted by art. I've reported this to Brownback."

--If you stop by the Burger Stand for a late-night snack tonight (perhaps the new meatloaf burger or Guinness pork chili), your food will be accompanied by the crooning of local crooner (and our old pal and former LC-writer) Dr. Cl.thier, performing in the front window. He promised us he'd play the 'Mats "Unsatisfied" but we're not sure we believe him.

--Have you been hoping for a British restaurant on Mass. Street? If you're willing to shell out some cash, Queen Lizzy's Fish and Chips might open up in Larryville!

For a mere $10 bucks, you "will have a picture of yourself hung on our restaurant wall in the form of a mosaic of the Union Jack flag."

They've got our ten bucks, readers!

Please go here for the full scoop on rewards for your kind donations.

When our British friend King Tosser heard about Queen Lizzy's last night, he expressed disdain for the restaurant's name but pure excitement that a place might cook him some "mushy peas."

And we leave you with our favorite bit of NY-Times restaurant criticism that we read this week (from a review of the Williamsburg restaurant St. Anselm):

"Some attitude from the floor staff may be expected if you are not within the demographic that lives within bicycling distance, or if you have no facial hair, visible tattoos or interesting eyewear."

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Sugar Dick said...

You will have to forgive naive kansan Chip for the misunderstanding but King Tosser is obviously referring to taking it up the ass in the handicap stall when he waxes on "mushy peas."