Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week in Local Crime (and Sports)! / Hipster of the Week!

Jamal R. Greene, defensive tackle, was immediately dismissed from the KU football team due to his involvement in an "alleged armed robbery" at Tuckaway Apartments a few days ago. Do the boys support Coach Gill's quick punishment?

Chip: "Certainly not. I thought this was to be a new 'warm and fuzzy' era under Gill, in which players were never punished but rather hugged and prayed over until they behaved properly."

Richard: "Agreed. Greene's behavior is just kids being kids. I like to think that Mangino would simply have applauded his hostility and found a way to channel it on the field."

On the LJ-World talkback, "Jbiegs" seizes a golden opportunity to slam everything Larryville-related:

"These players became a product of their environments. If they had been living somewhere other than Lawrence they would probably be studying in the Library right now. I highly discourage any student athlete who is thinking about attending KU from ever stepping foot in Lawrence. The stinch from all the hippies and homeless running around Mass St. should be reason enough to stay away. Just ask I want to go to KU and listen to all that tree hugging nonsense....or do I want to go to a real University and get a real education. GO CATS."


Larryville's most mysterious band, White Flight, will soon be back in action with their sophomore album now that singer Justin Roelofs has settled back in town after a time spent touring Mayan ruins to record sound vibrations: "Right now, I understand that my whole progression as a musician has merely been to learn how to unlock sound vibration using my voice. This is what I've been moving towards all along." (

Roelofs, also a former member of legendary local band The Anniversary, has a long and storied history in Larryville. Remember the time he and the dude from Fourth of July and some other dudes you probably know staged a mock-protest when the McDonald's on 6th Street temporarily closed for renovations? (click to enlarge this classic Larryville photo!).

Anyway, the LC is proud to reward Roelofs with our hipster of the week award, and we suggest that you enjoy this remix of White Flight's new single "Panther" by local band 1,000,000 Light Years (set to a montage of Jodie Foster's underrated Contact!):

And here's Roelofs and his girlfriend in New Zealand:


Ib said...

Hmmm... Beach chick.

Any chance we could get some river tits in here?

Hipper than you and here's the poon as proof said...

Agreed Ib. It looks like the photo was prematurely snapped, or is only one image of a longer sequence, (during which we might get to hear Justin produce a flatulent vibration), in any case, she's about to demystify the beach cleavage with a tug behind.

beach tits said...

Rangelife Records website calls the image: "One of the many extraordinary pictures Neil Krug has taken of White Flight."

Perhaps some of them do contain some beach titties?

please, please watch this! said...

Justin in Hawaii with dancing and vibrations!