Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quantrill Rides Again?

William Quantrill's 1863 raid on Larryville remains a sore spot among local citizens, who were dismayed to learn recently that Charles Juba, a former member of the Aryan Nations, planned to open an under-21 club in Odessa, Missouri, called The Black Flag (named for the flag Quantrill rode under). In defense of Missouri citizens (and we never thought we'd write those words), the town's city fathers were also bothered by the idea (and have apparently successfully prevented the opening of the bar, according to recent reports). You can read an article from "The Odessan" at the link below, along with other important stories out of the community, such as this one about an escaped bull:

"Citizen alert! There is a black or dark brown bull running loose in the rural area south of Odessa, and people need to be aware.According to the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department, "bull sightings" have been reported several days this week, but so far, authorities have not been able to locate the animal and round him up. Also, no one has reported a bull missing. In fact, no one seems to even want to claim this particular bull."

Chip: "I think this is the legendary Missouri 'ghost bull.' We used to tell horror stories about this beast back in Forttt Scottt."

In other Missouri news, it would be easy to make jokes about the state's recent $258 million dollar Powerball lottery winner, Chris Shaw, of Marshall, but we won't even bother, because it's like shooting fish in a barrel ("Which, by the way, is a popular activity in Missouri."--Chip).

Here's Shaw:

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