Monday, May 10, 2010

Larryville's New Headquarters of Hip! / Another Visit to the Larryville Craigslist

Perhaps more than anything else in town, Larryville's "student-run radio" station KJHK helps keep us hip. Last week, "KJ" (as hipsters call it, because they are too lazy to pronounce all four letters) moved from its long-time home in the Shack to a sparkling new location on the second floor of the KU Union, where it's possible to walk by and observe the hipster DJ's in their natural habitat (and probably harder for them to hide their weed and PBR's).

The Pitch's Nick Spac.k reports on the final minutes of the old KJ and the first minutes at the new:

"The last song played was the Soft Boys' "I Wanna Destroy You," followed by a chorus of goodbyes, courtesy of a Simpsons clip. Roughly two minutes later, the station was back on the air from the Kansas Union, with a chorus of DJs announcing the switchover. The first song played? Appropriately, it was "This Is Radio Clash."

Richard: "Didn't Simpsons quotes stop being hip somewhere around Season Eight?"

Chip: "I think the DJs are going to find it a lot harder to deny my requests for Justin Bieber tunes when I'm standing with my face pressed to the glass, watching them and judging them."


Our weekend readers may know that we've started a new series (inspired by a defunct idea) which examines Larryville's Craigslist listings. Here's a touching "missed connection" from the site:

"We met last Thursday night at the Jackpot. You were in town from Salina. You're taller than me, and I have dark hair and a beard. You are burly and manly. You showed me your dick in the bathroom, and then you came home with me and stayed the night. It was fucking hot. I want to see you again. Come back to Lawrence. Get in touch."

Chip: "I think the showing of the dick is a common courtship ritual but perhaps less acceptable in the heterosexual world, as witnessed by the Collins' elevator incident. Also, I'm glad I didn't happen to be in the Jackpot bathroom at that time, because I wouldn't have known how I was supposed to react."

Richard: "You'd really think this poor sonofabitch might have managed to get the guy's name or phone number after a night together.


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