Monday, May 31, 2010

A Brief Visit to the Boys' Country Corner

Most of you are no doubt at the pool or lake or beach today so let's take a look an an appropriate country song: Brad Paisley's "Water."

Through a series of wonderfully precise images, Paisley charts his lifetime "love affair" with water, beginning with an inflatable pool "full of dad's hot air" at three years old and proceeding through a rope swing on a river bank and a trip to Daytona Beach during Spring Break: "Eighteen girls up on stage / White t-shirts about to be sprayed /With water." (Chip: "Note how he adds the phrase 'with water' at the end to make sure we know that he isn't talking about something dirtier, such as 'sprayed with semen.'").

The song ends with a tender scene between a man and woman on the beach:

"You can stay right there
When the daylights gone
Play truth or dare
And it wont take long
'Fore you and her got nothin' on
But water."

Richard: "Lovely song, but I wonder if the Nashville floods and the Gulf oil spill have dampened his 'love affair' with water at all?"

Chip: "And should we really be encouraging people to fuck in the ocean right now given all this oil?"


Our terms! said...

I'm on vacation until there are some major tits on display! (With humorous, yet sultry, remarks!)

--And a side of hot ass being licked like an ice cream cone!

sultry remarks said...

Chip doesn't do "sultry."

Kip is a sloth! said...

I knew he was ghay!

We all knew he was ghay!

It's because of hhim that whe can't ghet notthitty --isnh't! iht!?h!