Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hipster Pick of the Day / Lost Fans Speak Out!

We don't know a lot about Yourself and the Air (playing the Replay tonight), but what we do know is this:

1) Sometimes they wear masks

2) The St. Louis Riverfront Times says their sound is "quietly evolving, from a mix of bright guitar ringlets, glockenspiel noodling and Erick Crosby's angst-strafed vocal yelps to a fuzzier, hookier sound that makes their fusion of the Cure and Modest Mouse sensible, even danceable."

Richard: "I hate when bands try to evolve beyond 'glockenspiel noodling' in a sad attempt to make boring hipsters dance. Fucking sell-outs. Even so, I might attend the show just to see the masks."


Fanboys rarely agree on anything, but they are all united in their opinion that last week's Lost origin episode was pure and utter shit ("Worst. Episode. Ever"). Will tonight's penultimate episode redeem the mess of this season or continue its slide into the kind of soul-crushing disappointment that will turn fanboys off of weekly "appointment" television once and for all?

Let's find out what's being said on AICN:

D.Vader says: "Last week, the Golden Cave, for all you assholes who think it was "magic", its the same damn energy that''s fueled the Island for the entire series! Its the same energy that healed Locke's back, cured Rose's cancer, got Sun pregnant, and threw Ben and Locke through time when they turned the frozen donkey wheel. Anyone who claims the golden gave is "magic" is really an idiot."

OceanWang says: "D.Vader jesus christ, you're aware that pseudo means false right? Because some people would call "false science" a type of magic. I'm seriously questioning whether you understand your use of the phrase pseudoscience. Are you 12 bro? Becuase I feel like you might be 12."


Lost, Schmost -- bring the tittypatrol! said...

Re: Abrupt Picture Change


Who turned this place into a sausagefest!?!

--Less beans in the bag, more Yams on my Spam!

PS... If you think about it, it's a lot more dirty than obscure!

I like sausage said...

Thoroughly enjoyable post. I brake for any mention of noodling.

okie noodling said...

If you enjoy noodling and/or catfish and/or the Flaming Lips, make sure to see the great documentary Okie Noodling.

Pub(l)ic inquiry. said...

Now, does this noodling have anything to do with my penis? Because, if it doesn't, I'm really not interested.

--But I do like to use my noodle. Meaning my cock.

noodler said...

Well, noodling is a means of catching catfish, but we do not recommend catching a catfish with your cock.

A proposition! said...

Not even a little dangle of my worm>

I mean fish are, basically, a big mouth and stomach.

And, I don't know if catfish have teeth, but could we not breed them to not have teeth... and to have gigantic voluptuous titties.

Kinda like phucking Grandma after she had a boobjob (not your own grandma of course --- that would be digusting!) and lost her dentures...

--Same fishy aroma...

churly said...

Fuck Lost! Let's head to the Replay for a little found pussy.