Friday, May 28, 2010

Larryville Has "Beaver Fever!" / Anna Undercover Has a New Blog Entry

Yesterday's LJ-World "save the beavers" story is currently the most popular in terms of LJ-World talkbackers, who consist primarily of three types: (1) those who desperately want to save the beavers; (2) those who think the desperate attempts to save the beavers are pretty frivolous; and (3) those who can't resist contributing some hilarious sexual innuendoes involving "beavers."

Omnipresent talkbacker Barry Penders says:

"A new SLT [South Lawrence Trafficway] with 'Beaver' blockers would eradicate the plight of 'Beavers'.

Stimulus, Hope n Change For Beavers, and Posercare live unprecedented

Darwin bless us"


Our favorite local stripper Anna Undercover is back in action with a new entry called "Secrets, secrets are so fun" in which she professes to be surprised when one of her club's loveliest strippers discovers the "secret" of her blog. Anna, the fucking thing is on the open web and linked to the LJ-World! The entry is notable, however, for another reason: it provides our first-ever glimpse of Anna. Well, actually just her foot, along with this strange caption:

"A picture of my (happy) foot from last night, because I can't post a smile for you. (I'm a ninja; sorry! Also: Shoes purchased by a happy customer, and worn proudly all night)."