Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hero of the Week / Lost Fans Speak Out

Occasionally at the LC we like to profile citizens who are making a difference in Larryville. Most recently we saluted the dude who saved Free State Brewery from the terrifying, railroad-spike-wielding transient known only as Horse Shit. This week we turn our attention to a more subtle story.

Two separate power outages plunged downtown Larryville into chaos yesterday, leaving citizens concerned as to whether they could procure their daily necessities (such as Dempsey's "Central Soy Tofu burger with pickled onions & asparagus topped with tomato aioli") in a timely fashion from darkened businesses.

Luckily, one enterprising young hipster baker at Wheatfields made sure none of his customers had to wait long for a delicious loaf. Josh Hilliard donned a head lamp from his bike kit and went right on baking, gaining him a front page photo in today's LJ-World:

Our Rustic Italian Round tasted more delicious than ever yesterday, Josh. Fine work!


Last week, Lost decided to kill off half its cast. And, after tonight, only two episodes remain before geeks across the world must deal with a huge void in their lives that can only be filled by...some other form of sci-fi or supernatural geekery. Tonight's much-anticipated episode, "Across the Sea," is purportedly set in 23 AD and details the origins of good and evil on the island. Fanboys tend to fall into two camps regarding this episode: (a) it will successfully cement the show's status as a groundbreaking work of television art or (b) it will once and for all "jump the shark" and prove we've all wasted the last six years of our lives.

AICN fanboys seem to be spending most of their time right now debating last week's teaser for tonight's episode:

Hardboiled Wonderland says: "I can make out Jack through the bushes. Sawyer's hair and stance is instantly recognisable. And that's Sayid yanking the spear out of the boar. But how the hell did Ilana Verdansky survive being blown to bits by the dynamite? Does this mean Arzt also survived? And does this mean Smoke Locke wasn't lying when he told Sawyer he could bring Juliet back to life? " He also queries: "Where did the metal wreckage come from to trap Sun??? I've freeze-framed that scene endlessly, and I still can't work out where that metal wreckage came from and how it managed to weld itself against the sub's frame trapping Sun perfectly."

Richard: "I'm a bit of a geek myself, sure, but the only thing I've ever 'freeze-framed' endlessly on Lost is Kate's titties."


Capt. Chanute said...

I'd ask for an explanation of Lost, in full, when it ends if I weren't certain that it was 200+ hours of completely incomprehensible and incongruous bullshit. Can't wait til this one is dead.

moderate Lost apologist said...

Actually, it's only partially to mostly incomprehensible, but not completely.

horndogs unite said...

Um, are the Undie Run photos lost?

panty raid! said...

For some reason, a Topeka media outlet is the only one we can find with in-depth coverage of Larryville's most important event of the year. Enjoy: