Friday, May 7, 2010

KU's "Undie Run" / This Weekend at the Box Office

Last night KU joined other colleges across the nation in hosting "undie runs" sponsored by Axe Body Spray, a competetion to see which campus can donate the most clothing to charity. Obviously, skipping a chance to see half-naked sorostitutes bounding down Jayhawk Blvd. like a herd of drunken and immensely fuckable gazelles is probably one of the dumbest decisions the boys ever made, but luckily you can find plenty of photos to peruse on-line in the privacy of your own home. Here's an especially interesting one (what's she doing with her hand!?) Click to enlarge and see if these might be your students.


The official summer blockbuster movie season kicks off today with the release of Iron Man 2, and our boners' are at full alert at the prospect of Scarlett Johannsen in a skintight catsuit. But for those less geeky and horny, this weekend's box office also offers what's likely to a sleeper hit, a documentary called Babies which chronicles the first year in the life of four babies from around the globe (San Francisco, Mongolia, Namibia, and Tokyo). The consensus of most legitimate film critics is that it's (a) about like watching a full-length Youtube video of babies doing cute stuff and (b) damn near irresistible unless you're some sort of baby-hating monster.

Chip: "I found the white baby to be the cutest. Does that make me a racist?"


not cl.thier said...

How did I miss Undie Run?!?! I could have actually participated and not been a total and complete old pervert as I'm still officially a student!


I'm pretty sure this is Kip. said...

Erector Activate!

Form of: SUPA BONER!

...ahhh, the Undie run... the only time I feel like getting some physical exercise... chasing down the young, sweaty.. and already skinned-down-ready-to-fuck sorostitute!

Thumbs up (my ass... just enough to give me that little extra _Choke-Pop_.


not a student, but so what? said...

If women are running through campus in their underwear I believe I have every right to look at them!