Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sexy Ad of the Week / The Boys Discover a New Twee Band!

While perusing the recent "Taste of KC" insert in Pitchweekly, the boys stumbled across the following ad, which gave them a sudden boner:

Chip: "If I'm not mistaken, 'taste our taco' is a clear euphemism for oral sex, right?"

Richard: "Sure. To me, this ad says, 'Enjoy a nice Mexican dinner AND go down on our waitresses."

Dr. C: "I wonder if quizzing the waitresses about 'post-cunnilingual osculation' would be more acceptable here than it was at Quinton's?"

Chip: "I'm still not sure that the problem was the subject matter but rather the fact that the waitress didn't understand a single word of your query."

Captain Chanute: "I don't think that the fratty boyfriends of Quinton's waitresses ever bother to go down on them, so it may have been more than just a matter of grammatical ignorance on her part."

Our feminist readers: "This ad practically ensures date rape since it promises that a woman's panties WILL 'drop' after a blueberry margarita."

Chip: "That's just insulting. What I'd do is sue the restaurant for false advertising."


Readers, if you're looking for a new cute band in addition to the Transmittens, allow us to recommend...the Smittens! No, it's not a side-project (we wish!), but rather a band out of Burlington, Vermont with songs like "Magpies and Eccles Cakes." A recent album has been dubbed "a 14-song summer evening's worth of harmonised twee" (interweb). Listen to them here:

"Being nice is a political act." --The Smittens


King of my Kong! said...

Oh, the outrage!

Every fucking character (including a roving band of theoretical feminists!) gets a say in on panty-dropping... but the cheerful vulgarian is left out in the cold! Fuck! Fine! I'm just going to get back to writing more wizard-boner pornography and get a show on CBS like SHIT my Dad Says!

--And then the blueberry panties shall drop. FOR ME!

shatner my dad says said...

Sorry, Dr. X! We thought you preferred the underground lair of the comments section to keep your identity under wraps.

Also, we'll see if Dr. C pops in to comment on a famous moment from the good old days of Q's.

Lips Like Sugar said...

Blueberry Ben-Wa Balls, bitches! Kansas City, here I come!


I'm a fucking front-pager!

Shit, my jive is ten times more likey to induce a boner than anything Flaccid, the Lonely (Kip) has ever been purported to say!

--My cock is long and wise and can slice bread like a fucking ginsu dagger! FU-CHA!

Horny Cotter said...

Well, my cock is magic and I await the first installment of my new multipart series!