Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent Concert Reviews

Happy Cinco de Mayo, readers! If there's one thing we love, it's holidays with absolutely no expectations other than getting filthy drunk (possibly while wearing a sombrero and engaging in a serious discussion about recent Arizona legislation).

In the meantime, however, let's take a look at the recent gig by Fucked Up at the Jackpot (which the boys did not attend, because they were scared, so we have to rely on the Pitch's commentary).

The review begins by summarizing a Chicago gig by the band--"Pink Eyes (Damian Abraham) chewed through a barrage of beach balls tossed to the stage, eventually wearing one as hat before stripping to his shorts to expose his beautifully formed potbelly"--before moving on to the Jackpot show: "The uncontainable Fucked Up frontman (the pun isn't intentional, though perhaps appropriate) often jumped into the crowd, at one point intercepting a crowdsurfer and carrying him deep into the bar. Just for kicks, he wore a crumpled up dixie cup as hat, then later as a hood ornament on his pale glistening stomach."

Chip: "I think this reviewer has some sort of fucked up (get it!?) belly fetish."

The reviewer concludes: "Fucked Up's brand of punk is often called artful, and the band is an ambassador of a new wave of smart hardcore."

Does this look smart to you, readers?

If you answered "no" to the above question, you're probably not hip.

Opening the show was the ever-present Rooftop Vigilantes, riding a wave of national buzz and poised to release their second album this summer on a label they won't yet reveal. Let's see what our favorite new local blogger from "Why Are There So Many Records in My Life" thinks about the Vigilantes:

"Zach is the Bob Pollard to Oscar's Tobin Sprout and they effectively made the last great GBV record...if GBV were from Lawrence and drank PBR instead of whatever lite beer was on tap. And was younger and were goofier. And I fucking hate the Lawrence music scene now. It's become this weird, out of control thing that I can't even grasp EXCEPT for Rooftop Vigilantes, who are effectively the only Lawrence band (other than Transmittens) who would be able to coax me out of my apartment and three blocks down to the Replay to see a show."

Check out his full gushing praise here:

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