Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Facebook Group of the Week / Pitchfork Reviews Sleigh Bells' Debut Album / Masturbation on Broadway

Thanks to a tip from Lawrence.com, we're now proud members of the Facebook group known as "MAN !!!! LOOK AT THIS THING I SAW IN A LAWRENCE, KANSAS ALLEY !!!" in which members post pictures of weird shit they discover in local alleys. In addition to the fascinating alley discoveries, the group also allows us to discover and "friend" new members of Larryville's bohemian, dumpster-diving community, largely centered around the Eastside (naturally, our good friend Robert Coffm.n is a prominent member of the group).

Here's a particularly odd recent picture from the group:

Richard: "It's going to be a proud moment for me when I upload my first alley discovery to this group!"

Sign up here and join the 1090 other members who are currently wandering the alleys taking pictures of graffiti and dead animals.



The newest boy/girl hipster buzz band is Sleigh Bells (out of Brooklyn, of course). But this is no twee Transmitten-y kind of band, readers, but rather a band that will rock your face off. How much does Pitchfork love them? A very high 8.7:

"Once in a while a record comes along that makes you re-think loud: King of Rock; The Land of Rape and Honey; Nation of Millions; Super Ae; I Get Wet; Kesto. Setting aside the quality of the material-- there are classics here, along with albums I never listen to anymore-- these albums are notable for me because the first time I heard them, music just seemed bigger than it had before, like it took up more space and hit with more force and went further than once seemed possible... I'm adding another record to my list..."Rill Rill" takes the immortal acoustic guitar bit from Funkadelic's "Can You Get to That", blows it up to Hollywood blockbuster size, and loops it along with clicking percussion as Krauss sings what may prove to be the pop earworm of the year, the kind of tune you'd swear you were singing over and over to yourself years ago.

Richard: "Okay, okay, I'm sold. I'm going to listen to these fucking songs now. Join me here if you like:


Nigel Tufnel: "These go to eleven!"


The boys love the theatre, and their pick for best play of the year is Sarah Ruhl's In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play (and yes, it is nominated for Play of the Year...make sure to watch the Tonys on June 13th). The play is "set at the dawn of the age of electricity in the 1880s. Back then hysteria was a real diagnosis, and women were commonly treated with electrical stimulating machines to ease their condition."

Richard: "I think we're all familiar with Chekhov's famous statement that any time a gun is introduced in the first act of a play, it must be fired in the last act. I assume the point holds true of a vibrator as well: if it's introduced early in the play, it must be masturbated with later."

Chip: "I've often said that every play should involve a vibrator, or at least a dildo, which makes for a hilarious sight gag. That said, this particular play barely gives me a boner and I wonder why we aren't continuing to talk about this weekend's Masturbate-a-Thon."


Offended! said...


I resist this attempt to try and merge culture and cock/ cooter play. I wish to keep my fine arts and my hard core self fuck quietly compartmentalized in hermeneutically-sealed culture and/ or fuck pouches.

--Not in this day and age, Noggle.

high art said...

I understand that certain New York theater types ONLY masturbate when presented with a play such as Ruhl's, and therefore I must applaud it.

Chip: "I plan to masturbate during this weekend's Sex and the City 2, not so much due to the women on-screen as due to those in the audience."

The Oral Majority said...

I wish the Kip-fuckers would return to peg his trap shut while cornholing him round the right side!

bad timing said...

Not only did I miss the opportunity to recall one of my favorite Q's moments, and miss most of the week's Masturbation Month commentary, but I show up after the most perfect alias.

Seriously, though, there's no reason why low culture should monopolize all the cooters. High class girls can have it going on, too.

I love to watch her apply her lotion with a Brownian motion. Mine will be more like a harmonic oscillator.

I is the vibration said...

Nice Chekhov quote, Nog. Lovely foreshadowing or foreplay. Hard to imagine Chip at Sex and the City though. That's stretching the vibrator instead of...

Confused said...

What's a hermeneutical seal? Is it anything akin to a hermetic seal?