Saturday, May 8, 2010

Is It Art, Or Isn't It? / Larryville on Craigslist

Larryville's Wonder Fair gallery welcomes a travelling collective of artists known as "Okay Mountain" to town with an exhibibition that begins this evening. Details are sparse, but we found a recent description of another one of their exhibitions called "Butter and Popcorn Go Together Like Kangaroos and Boxing". Please read:

"The show explores the relationships between butter, popcorn, kangaroos and boxing. These 4 items used as icons to create an entire theme-based experience...For the opening performance Andy Rihn will drown a stuffed kangaroo, over the course of the night, in popcorn. Eventually filling the closed garage door at Okay Mountain with fresh popped corn and the area with the aroma."

Richard: "I assume this is a commentary on how we exploit nature (making kangaroos box) for our own amusement (we are simply spectactors eating popcorn). Certainly, it's art."

Chip: "I assume this is just a goof in which the 'artists' have a good laugh about the fact that people take their work seriously no matter how fucking preposterous it may be. Still, I'd vote art if we were allowed to eat some of the popcorn."


For a brief but glorious time, ran a column showcasing the best of Larryville-related Craigslist personals and "missed connections." Since it no longer exists, let's take it over. Here's a man-seeking-woman "missed connection" that will move you:

"I see you in Henry's all the time, and sometimes sit next to you.

You are a photographer, and I think that's sexy. Nothing more attractive than a big D90 and a beautiful smile.

Plus, black, thick framed glasses bring out my Cuomo sentimentality.

And, of course, you sing Grease songs with me, and that makes my life.

I think of you when i fall asleep at night.
Sometimes i think i can smell the waffle-cone scent of your hair between ebbs of sleep, loving the momentary vertigo in which i can imagine you next to me.

My life has a new degree of hope because of you.

If you know who this is, I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship.
This post is just something i had to do; a necessary catharsis for my pent up, overwhelming emotions.

Since I like a little shorty, i'm tryin' to put a ring on it. Uh, uh, oh."

Richard: "If it wasn't for the last line, this might well have gotten him laid. What kind of lady hipster photographer wouldn't fall for a Weezer-loving dude who thinks her hair smells like waffle cones?"


Iron Man fucks Platinum Girl said...

Can we veer this discussion back to talking about transforming robots donging Sam and Kip?

--And can Sam Jackson be involved? Fuck!

we demand pictures! said...

Who cares about robots! I demand a photojournalist expose of the seedy underside of the Undie Run!!! Where's that ridiculous R.scin when you need her?

underside of the undie run! said...

I like that phrase!

If it's not at the bars, R.scin probably didn't know about it.

Who cares about punctuation?!? said...

Question Mark, Fucknuts!

Question Mark!