Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beer of the Week: Boulevard's Hibiscus Gose / Handsome Devils of the Week: Christian Lee Hutson and Danny Pound at the Replay / Buskers of the Week: The Silly People

Did Free State's recent Burroughs' beer leave you hankering for another sour beer?  It seems unlikely.  But here's hoping Boulevard's adorable new pink sour beer called Hibiscus Gose will be more pleasing to our palates (which are stunted from too much PBR).  It's described as both "sour and salty," which seems promising, and it hits shelves in KC today.  Somebody bring us a swig, why don't you?


Rolling in from Nashville for the second time this summer, handsome devil and all-around sharp dresser  Christian Lee Hutson drops by the Replay on Thursday night.  Maybe he liked the PBR so much he had to return?  Find some tunes and a lot of info here via our friends at The Temp Agency, including this absolutely stellar description: "...think a drunk and sedentary George Jones being channeled through a drunk and animated Conor Oberst."  

Opening up the show (or maybe headlining, it's often hard to tell!) is something to lure the locals called the "Danny Pound/Doug McKinney Musical Exploration."  The FB event page is here along with this troubling photo.


With Busker Fest fast approaching, we feel it's our duty to highlight some of the buskers that townies will want to make sure to avoid.  Today's choice: The Silly People"Phil LeConte and Colin Franks are two guys from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario who have a flair for ‘silliness’".

bio pic

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hide or Rejoice: The Buskers Are Coming!

Loved by families and tourists and reviled by many locals, the Lawrence Busker Fest returns to downtown this coming weekend with numerous all-new acts including "Checkerboard Guy," whose "award-winning comedic variety show has been compared to Steve Martin, Pee Wee Herman and even a live action version of The Simpsons."  (blurb from the Busker Fest website).

You can apply to be part of the festival here but Chip's act in which he makes "boner balloon art" was (once again) rejected.

Will you attend, or will you run for cover?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weekend Picks: The Sweet Boys; Dance Parties; ET; and Folk-Punk

In addition to some challenging and ambitious local theatre and Linklater's masterpiece Boyhood (finally) opening at Liberty Hall, what else is on the cultural horizon this weekend?

Well, it's Thursday, and the Harpoon Presents gang insists that tonight's "Good Time" is their highest-profile yet, with an entire showcase of touring out-of-towners including Chicago's Sweet Boys.  The news has been so troubling this week that we kind of hope all these jokers steer clear of Ferguson, MO commentary and Robin Williams references and just offer some nice clean observations about their dicks.  The FB event page is here. The Replay event is getting so cool that one of these days we half-expect to look at the line-up and see...well...Kyle Kinane or something!  Also, tonight's event is so important it even has its own tour poster in addition to the usual Harpoon PBR banner.


We're so hip that we've loved Middle Twin since...they were called Brain Food! They're touring all over this summer, including a September stop at one of our old haunts: the White Water Tavern in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Man, we wish we could be at that gig!  In the meantime, you can catch them right here at the Granada on Friday, opening up for Foxy Shazam.  Prepare to dance.


Solo acts are a tough sell at the Replay, and people sometimes talk louder than the performers. Brett Newski brings his "American Folk Armaggedon" tour to town for the Replay patio show on Friday.  Maybe his folk-punk will wake up the lazy Friday evening boozers.  His official website is here.

Did you all know the Jackpot is still a functional venue that sometimes has bands that you recognize? It's easy to forget. But there's a good show on Saturday featuring local favorites La Guerre, OILS, and Narkalark AND it's a benefit for GaDuGi Safe Center.  The FB event page is here.  
And did you catch the recent Paste Magazine piece called "Eight Kansas Bands You Should Know?" One of them is Narkalark! 

But what if you're looking for some good clean innocent fun for the whole family?  Head to the KU Natural History Museum on Saturday for an open house at 7:30 and an outdoor screening of ET on an inflatable screen around dusk.   Details here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Theatre Showcase: Card Table Serves Up "a Post-apocalyptic Sacrilegious Tragic Comedy with Basketball."

Yes, we mentioned this weekend's big theatrical event yesterday, but it's getting a full showcase today before it premieres Friday and Saturday at 8:00 at the Lawrence Arts Center.

We all know that LFK's Card Table Theatre can deliver on the funny business, but it's exciting to see them venture into headier, uncharted waters with more ambitious projects such as this weekend's "Some Things You Need To Know Before the World Ends (A Final Evening With the Illuminati)."  

Aside from being  "a post-apocalyptic sacrilegious tragic comedy with basketball," what's this crazy thing about. Let's turn to the official press release for a quick summary:

"The erratic Reverend Eddie and his helpful, if alarming, manservant, Brother Lawrence, prepare for their most monumental and awe-inspiring sermon to-date. Along the way, Reverend Eddie battles power failures,nerve gas, and his growing fear of the all powerful Illuminati – exacerbated  by Eddie's visions of Saint Paul, a holy choir, and the Grim Reaper. Discover the true meaning of existence and check out Death's slammin’ hook shot..."

Director Jeremy Auman sent us a photo from a recent rehearsal and this blurb: "[The show is] more gritty and emotional than what people maybe are used to seeing from us and it is technically amazing."


The FB event page is here



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Replay Twitter Account; Pies; Plays; Movies

Readers,  the national and international news is not good. 

But what's good here at home?

Well, we're running the fucking @replaylounge Twitter account now, despite the fact that we don't work there and rarely stay up late enough to see anything besides the matinees.  There's not much glory in this "job," but it allows us to make even more jokes about PBR than we already make at our primary account, plus you'll occasionally be getting useful links and band info to boot. If you're following the Replay now, you should be getting pretty hyped about tonight's Hooray For Earth show.  Pitchfork says a bunch of nice things about their new album and then stabs them in the back with a not-so-stellar 6.4 rating:

"Racy is big, it’s bold, and positions its creators closer to "pop'..." (full review here).

Also on the bill is Grooms and  LFK's greatest shoegazers: our friends from Sona.

Racy album cover:


The Ladybird Diner is such a tease with her opening date.  But it's close. It's so close that LFK can almost taste the pie.  Judging from the popularity of the Diner's FB page, however, you're gonna have to fight for a seat and a slice.  A terrific new sign appeared outside yesterday:


Those little scamps at Card Table Theatre are taking a break from their usual hijinks to deliver something really ambitious here in LFK this weekend.  We're planning a larger preview later this week but for now here is a FB event page and a teaser. 


And Linklater's instant-classic Boyhood finally arrives at Liberty Hall this weekend. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Night Pick: Two Screenings of This is Spinal Tap at Liberty Hall

This is Spinal Tap isn't directed by Christopher Guest, but our friends at Liberty Hall were wise enough to realize that you can't very well have a "Guestsploitation" series without it.  So tonight brings two opportunities to see one of the greatest comedies of all time on the big-screen.  7:30 and 9:45.  Don't fuck this up just because it's a Monday night, LFK.  Details here.

Below is an appropriate photo since this week is also Shark Week.

"The review for "Shark Sandwich" was merely a two word review which simply read "Shit Sandwich".


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy; Block Parties; T-Gregs; ConfabuLarryum; Your Friend; and More

It's Thursday, so let's see who's being funny at the "Good Time" comedy event at the Replay.   Oh shit!  It's Rob Schulte's birthday showcase!  Will he get a public spanking while everyone makes 50 Shades of Grey jokes?  The FB event page is here.


The Sandbar has expanded their annual block party to two nights this year.  That makes an extra night for townies to complain that they can't get to the Taproom very easily!   Remember last year when Cowboy Indian Bear opened for The Fabulous Thunderbirds? That was weird. This year it's back to the usual hijinks, with party bands like Sellout (in the Friday night slot).   The FB event page is here.  Check out this photo from last year which surely set a record for the most people who have ever been near a Sandbar Subs shop at one time!


Meanwhile, Your Friend has returned triumphant from recent tours and is headlining the Granada along with the increasingly-awesome Westerners.  Also: Paper Buffalo and Twinsmith.



And don't forget ConfabuLarryum on Saturday morning and afternoon.  We wrote a preview earlier in the week.



Tyler Gregory hasn't been as ubiquitous as usual lately, but you'll find him on Saturday at the Bottleneck opening for the Tallbot Brothers.

We can't find a flyer for the show but here's a picture of T-gregs inspecting a puppy courtesy of our friends at I Heart Local Music. Click the link for a fun story about local musicians and their dogs.