Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stuff We Like: Royals! Pelicans! Scary Movies at Frank's!

Well, for the third week in a row, we still love those Royals!  This may be the longest-ever stretch we've loved them.

After last night's epic Wild Card win, this gal deserves TWO puppies:

Some pelicans dropped by to hang out in LFK this week. That's pretty cool.  Typically excellent photo via Mike Yoder in LJ-World.

And local  horror guru Nick Spacek is celebrating October by curating a horror movie double-header every Tuesday at Frank's. (Will there be tension between horror movie fans and baseball-watchers?  We'd predict so).   The series begins next week with a double-dose of Mr. Tom Atkins in The Fog and Halloween III: Season of the Witch.  We're particularly excited about Nick's "Night of the Night Ofs," coming later in the month and showcasing Night of the Creeps and Night of the Comet.

Check out the FB event page for next week here.

Monday, September 29, 2014

KU Football: The Tradition Continues

In keeping with recent tradition, KU ousted head coach Charlie Weis on Sunday from the perpetually-sinking ship that is KU football.  Here's the LJ-World's front page: note the headline just below the article, from an unrelated story.

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Here is our favorite exchange from the KU Sports message boards:

Randy:  "All you trolls from our rivals go away. KU has had some fine moments in its program, has had some super players and is a school better than most in the conference, in one of the most delightful college towns in the country. There is no reason, none, for the University of Kansas to have a sub-par football program. Among all the things going for it KU is blessed to be in neither Oklahoma nor the state of Texas."

Robert: "Everything is just super great!"

Well, at least we got rid of the track at Memorial, right?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Rock and Roll, Beers and Bierocks

We're busy, but here are some quick picks for each night of your weekend.  DO these things.

It's an all-lady showcase at "Good Time" at the Replay.  Who are these ladies?  We don't know.  Go find out for us.  FB event page here.  Maybe Rob Riggle will drop by if he's in town for Homecoming events already.


And it's time to freak out once more (with comedy AND music) at Frank's on Friday.  Details here


There's wizard rock on the not-so-secret patio of Wonder Fair on Friday during Final Fridays.  Will you be one of the lucky few who gets in?  Details here.

And I Heart Local Music serves up another triple killer-bill showcase on Friday.  Where have those prolific Psychic Heat folks been hiding lately?  Details here.

We've been drinking Free State Oktoberfest beer for weeks already but this Saturday we'll drink it at St. John's Oktoberfest.  Details here.  Look at this photo presumably taken shortly before a bunch of people descended and began doing the chicken-dance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stuff We Like This Week: Free Jazz and Salsa at the Hispanic Heritage Month Festival; The Return of Queen Lizzy's; And the Royals (Again)

The Hispanic Heritage Month Festival may be off your radar unless you're plugged into the university scene, but we have it on good authority that Thursday's event at Five Bar and Tables downtown is going to be stellar, featuring "some of the finest players in the KC Jazz and Latin scene."  If you can't afford Wynton Marsalis at the Lied tonight, console yourself with this FREE show!  Find more info via the FB event page here.



Also, we just received word that God has indeed saved the Queen!  Queen Lizzy's re-opens at the VFW this Friday.  Let's hope it's more successful than that dingy little breakfast buffet that's been in there recently.  Get the full details on their hours here.  Looks like they'll be serving breakfast on weekends, so there will be at least two places in town serving English breakfast for you wankers (if it's still going on at the new Legends sports bar...we don't actually know).  The FB page claims the menu is somewhere on the  page, but we'll be damned if we can spot it.

In the meantime, eat some fish down at the 2nd Annual Abe and Jake's Catfish Fry (with food from Terrebone) on Thursday.  We attended last year's event--which is a benefit for Friends of the Kaw--and found it suitably delicious.  Details here.


And what else do we like?  Oh, let's say...for the second week in a row... the Royals!  Don't blow it, Royals!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This Week in State and LFK Politics: Lapdances, Zombies, and Food Trucks

It's been a fun week for state politics. 

First off, the Brownback administration tried to run a smear campaign against Democratic challenger Paul Davis after learning he'd once been spotted receiving a lapdance in a rural Kansas strip club during a 90's police raid.

Chip:  "Who hasn't been?  I identify with him more now than I did before."

Apparently most voters agree, since it's largely been a non-story after the initial news.


Next, perhaps out of fear that the dead would literally rise and vote Democrat, the Brownback administration announced that the Governor would sign a proclamation declaring October to be "Zombie Preparedness Month."  We always thought the Republicans WERE the zombies, as this 2012 LJ-World photo from Mass. Street reveals:



Finally, here in LFK, the City Fathers are expected to (at least slightly) relax their death grip on local food trucks during tonight's City Commission meeting.  Let's hope so, or perhaps it will soon be time to recycle the City Fathers once and for all, as illustrated in this Bob Schumm photo via LJ-World.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cultural Clusterfuck of the Week: Final Friday Plus Downtown KU Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally

It's always of interest when LFK's cultural worlds collide, and Friday's convergence of Final Friday and KU Homecoming events should be an odd mix (though we personally preferred last year's clash between the Homecoming Parade and the Zombie Walk on the same evening within an hour of each other).

At 6:00 pm, omnipresent KU alum Rob Riggle will lead the Homecoming Parade down Mass. followed by a pep rally on 8th street.  Will the festivities impede scenesters from getting to their preferred art galleries?  Will some of the fraternity bros hang around and find their way into Wonder Fair for some art and wizard rock? Who knows?

Either way, it's all gonna be more fun than the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer, if you catch our Riggle reference.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend Picks, Including a Band of LFK Children, More Smutty Metaphors, and Spoon's Return

Thursday brings comedy and tacos to the Replay, but only three headliners are listed for tonight's "Good Time?"  Don't get lazy on us, Harpoon!!  The FB event page is here.

Surely the most adorable event of the week will be a group of musicians' children playing covers of Nirvana and such at the Replay matinee on Friday, as the opening act for Mr. and Mrs. Dodge (also adorable).  The FB event page is here.

Get a sneak peek of the children rockers tonight at 3rd Thursdays at the Percolator (along with short plays by local luminaries like Will Averill).  Details here.

LPL brings LFK's suddenly ever-present Patricia Lockwood to the library for a reading on Friday.  Expect to see a few clueless elderly attendees gasp in shock at the metaphors of the "smutty metaphor queen!"  We were happily on hand last week at her KU reading where she told students that her primary influence was "reading a fuckload of the Bible," called Daniel Tosh a "babyfucker," ordered everyone named Gary to identify themselves, and stunned everyone into submission with a devastating reading of "Rape Joke."

Frank's has got something going on this Saturday.  It looks like this:

Or return to the Replay once more for the most rocking show of the week that is also the most likely to include a bit of tapdancing (if you catch our Schwervon! reference).  Info here


And cap off the weekend with a big-name show at Liberty.  Pitchfork digs the hell out of Spoon's new album (we think): "Theirs is an in-between soul happily seeking limbo as its own destination. It's manly in an old-fashioned way, but still scuffed-up and vulnerable."