Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Yes for Transit": The "T" Battle Rages On / Plus, The Boys Recommend an Out-Of-Town Event!

With only a few weeks to go before local voters decide the fate of the "T," supporters and opponents of local transit continue to wage war in the editorial pages. Also, local transit officials recently stepped forward with surprising new figures regarding a recent surge in ridership--if they are to be believed, every person in Larryville suddenly rides the T (approximately) twice a day! Today's front-page muckraking LJ-World story, however, paints a different picture. It took poor Chad Lawh.rn from 7:52 a.m to 10:56 a.m to navigate nearly-deserted buses from 19th and Haskell to 27th and Alabama to the 6th street Hy-Vee (possibly slightly better than traveling by horse-and-buggy).


The boys tend to stick close to Larryville for important cultural events such as last night's Oktoberfest (Richard: "What kind of rinky-dink operation runs out of the good beer by 8:30 and sells me Miller Lite? If I wanted to drink cheap American beer, I'd have stayed at the EastSide Block Party! I give this festival one-and-a-half sausages, tops"). However, an event in Wamego, Kansas, is going to be hard to pass up. It happens next weekend, it's called OZ-toberfest, and it offers a chance to meet some of the original munchkins from The Wizard of Oz! (

Chip: "These little fuckers are even more hilarious in their 80's. I can't recommend this event highly enough!"

Richard: "I prefer them to Oompa-Loompas, hands-down!"


The Occasional Dr. X said...


So this has less to do with any topic and more to do with blogging. So, I'm supposed to create a blog for the Dept, and, frankly... I just don't wanna. While I'm amused by the LC, and Matt's blog, and Tracy's blog, and Beth's blog, and Q's blog, and McMann's blog (all three... good lord, and (when reminded to observe) Psycho-Hose-Beast's blog, and Groovy's blog and GOOD HOLY CHRIST -- do we need this bloody many blogs?

Admittedly, I honestly only habitually frequent the 'Bloggle' and B-blog as I require constant updates on Kip's whereabouts and how B will color-coordinate her sexy undies on alternating Weds vs. evil hidden granny panties on the second Thursday of the month when she's feeling 'spring'... but the thought occurred to me that, technocrat though I may be, I'm rather anti-blog. And I do not wish to maintain one.

Perhaps the new U blog will be very hetero-/ poly- glottal through multiple users... very rarely myself (a la the first Q's Season 2 effort derived from the original Qs minutes)... then, maybe, through a consolidated effort, I can make my masters happy and keep web pollution down!

The web needs to be greener... and less silicone-y.

Anonymous said...

Dr. X--am I the "Tracy" in the list of bloggers, or is there another Tracy? My only blog is Q's blog, unless there is another "Q" (the official Quinton's blog, perhaps?)

I've become a bit of a blog addict lately. I don't like to update my own (Q's, that is), but I like to read those of others. Those of us who have no personal contact with anybody need blogs to avoid having to look inward... So, can somebody point me toward Beth's blog? :)


johnny blogger said...

Yes, Dr. X, we need as many blogs as we can have! The better to keep track of Chip! This, my friend, is how people communicate in the modern world! (by not really communicating in any reasonable fashion).

And hello, Trix! I didn't even know you read these shenanigans!
I think you have to join MySpace to see the Beth-blog (which you should certainly do, posthaste!). Is that right, Beth?

Anonymous said...

Hail Trixie, she who tolerates Dr. C!

Generally, I agree, Trace -- for I love my daily dose of bloggle as it provides me with a sardonic look at the exploits in Larryland. But that's how I see it: entertainment. Some manner of art from which I derive pleasure.

Most bloggery is more reminicent of scatological half-journaling and ill-fit missive, sometimes pretending to be prescient, purient or even progressive in terms of journaling... I prolly shoulda added 'publishing' too, but I tend to see it more as procrastination, purile in any potent potible (which, as Im sure Uncle Shelby would say is a lot of tinkle or pee-pee :)... What? I'm writing a post on a phone on my bike watching MNF! What do you want, Diablo Cody!?).

Anyhoo, I s'pose I prefer most of my com-com thru facebook where Slick Dicky and I can trivialize the world while watching our own favorite pornographic webcams from sweeden! Now THAT is art.

Eh, I dunno... Somehow I guess I just see all this bloggery and think: Wow, I coulda so built a device to blow Qs off the map of Lawrence in the time I was watching video of Humer's cats :).

--And that woulda been art too!

Dr. C said...

I totally agree Lawrence needs a Popeye's. And am saddened we will miss the chance to meet Munchkins on our way to Lawrence.

Let's go with.... Beth! said...

Actually, y'all don't know what yer in for:

When I delivered the keynote at the OZ-fest... SEVEN years ago -- the few remaining munchkins were in pretty bad shape... and all in their late seventies/ early eighties... Good lord, they must be dragging out their bones by now!

They're gonna look more like the ugly shriveled up flying monkeys at this point!

--I would suggest feeding them Kip's soul to sustain for another year! (If you do -- they Kip shrivels up and becomes one of them on their disgusting tour of immortality!)

Anonymous said...

Not trying to defend blogs in general. Just saying that I like to read them--especially when I feel the need to procrastinate. They're kind of like reality television. In principal I despise it, but from time to time I find myself enjoying it anyway (and realizing that my contempt is really just a sham to make me feel more intellectual...). Reading a friend's blog is at least a level above that. At least it reminds me that I knew people, once, and that some of them are still out there...

I particularly like the LC, actually. It's just dark enough for me to enjoy it without feeling bad about it.


"some manner of art" said...

Wow, the LC was almost called "art" somewhere above (which means that Chip must hate it!...but he actually stopped reading it about two months ago anyway!).

[Sweden has the best webcams!]

found art fanatic said...

Perhaps if the LC were to get lost, and then found, that could solidify its status as "art"!

bh fairchild fan said...

And for "art" on munchkins and Oz, I give you KU alum, B.H. Fairchild...

"The Second Annual 'Wizard of Oz' Reunion in Liberal, Kansas"