Monday, September 1, 2008

This Week in Local News: "Read Across Lawrence" begins!

The annual "Read Across Lawrence" program, in which many members of the community read the same book and take part in various events and community-wide discussions, kicks off again this week. This year's choice: Kansas Curiosities, 2nd Edition: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities and Other Offbeat Stuff.

Richard: "I wish they'd choose a real book. Couldn't we read a work of literature, for once!? I'd truly enjoy, for instance, discussing Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, with the girls at Quinton's. Here's an excerpt: "...and now, disengag’d from the shirt, I saw, with wonder and surprise, what? not the play-thing of a boy, not the weapon of a man, but a maypole of so enormous a standard, that had proportions been observ’d, it must have belong’d to a young giant." Among other things, it would provide the ladies with some new euphemisms for 'cock' to use when their frat boy boyfriends are banging them."

Chip: "Lolita might also be a good choice for the community."

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