Monday, September 8, 2008

This Week in Art News!

On Tuesday night, a group of artists on a national tour bring their work to Wonder Fair Art Gallery in lovely, downtown Larryville. Here's a description from the LJ-World: "Cartune Xprez is a traveling roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performances that has birthed multiple tours and a DVD. Headlining the collective's current tour is the multimedia dance group Hooliganship which will be performing its most recent piece entitled "Realer" in which audiences strap on a pair of 3D glasses to bear witness to a televised parade gone awry." Will the boys be attending?

Chip: "The 3-D part worries me. I like to view art from a safe distance. I don't need any glasses bringing it right up in my grill!"

Richard: "I have very mixed feelings about 3-D. As a young lad in Romance, I remember when one of the networks broadcast a film called Gorilla At Large in 3-D and we all purchased glasses which I think came with a six-pack of Pepsi or something and everyone was excited for weeks, settling in front of the TV on the big night hoping for pure magic. But that fucking gorilla never emerged from the set! Now I know it's true that 3-D is much improved these days. The effects in Beowulf, for instance, are simply awesome, although the movie itself is actually worse than Gorilla At Large. Anyway, I might check out this art show!"

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Dr. C said...

Beowolf is pretty close to the worst movie I ever saw . . . because I didn't see it in the theater and did not have the advantage of the 3-D effects, only the lame sense of "that should be in 3-D," and the realization that the characters and plot were worse than most video games, and the graphics little better. Ideally, a 3-D movie should still work in its 2-D incarnation. Like Creature from the Black Lagoon (the movie I watched in 3-D courtesy of Pepsi or whatever), or The Flesh and Blood Show, or The Stewardesses. For the home version, Beowolf should have been released with a joystick that, if it did not allow you to control the characters, was at least sufficiently heavy that you could club yourself unconscious early on.