Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Boys Check in With Their Friendly Fellow Bloggers of The Rathaus! / Plus, Richard Thinks About Jenny Lewis and Chip Looks Ahead to the Weekend!

In an interesting recent entry at The Rathaus (, the writers declare their love for local street art and offer an example they discovered near the corner of 7th and New Hampshire:

Chip: Now THIS is art I can get behind. I think it makes a powerful statement about the need to break down barriers of all kinds in society."

Richard: "It's all right. Basically it's just the Kool-Aid guy. But I assume it's better than the university's "Biodiversity Is..." art exhibit that opens today at the Natural History museum. The only reason to go there is to check out Comanche, the horse that survived Custer's last stand."

Chip: "That thing is still alive?"


Richard: "Now that the Avetts have come and gone, thrilling us with a three-PBR performance of rollicking North Carolina-style twang, it's time to think about Jenny Lewis, who's coming to the Granada tomorrow. Lewis is important partly because she's currently injecting some much-needed sex appeal into a genre where most bands look alike and are full of scrawny, artsy young men. When a sensitive young hipster is (sensitively) banging his girlfriend, there's a decent chance he's fantasizing about Jenny Lewis*. And if he cries after the act (as sensitive young hipsters sometimes might), he's probably crying because, instead of Jenny Lewis, he's banging a bespectacled, awkward young woman who works part-time for a local non-profit organization and thinks she's "making a difference." Now don't get me wrong here. We hipsters certainly prize Jenny Lewis for her work (as both frontwoman of Rilo Kiley and her twangy-project with the Watson twins), but just because we respect her doesn't mean we don't want to bend her over the drum set(personally, I want to bang her and the Watson Twins all together). The only downside of her Larryville performance is that she's touring with her boyfriend, an earnest young singer-songwriter in his own right whose songs only serve to remind us hipster guys that he's fucking Jenny Lewis and we're not."

*the hipsters who are not fantasizing about Lewis are probably fantasizing about Zooey Deschanel, the sexier half of M. Ward's pop-duo She and Him (why couldn't it be she and me? or I? whichever is grammatically correct).

Cl.thier: "Look at her, luring me to her show with that apple!"


Chip: "Folks, let me just remind you all that the third weekend of September is one of the best weekends to be in Larryville. Why? Because all the dirty hippies are out of town in Winfield and the squares once again rule the city, as God intended. It's a rare weekend when even I stay in town instead of heading to the farm, and I plan to take in the football game on Saturday. Don't let the performance art ruin the day for you. Remember: it's just art. It's not important. Ignore it and hopefully it will go away."


jenny's most dedicated internet stalker said...

Follow the link, gentlemen, for some tasty Jenny Lewis goodness!

ginger watch said...

I was on InStyle's website yesterday and saw they had a feature where you could rate the sexiest redheads, but it was lame. Jenny Lewis wasn't there and Julianne Moore wasn't there! Instead they had sometime redheads Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts--the outrage!

Dedicated--please be just a little more dedicated and give us the full url.

admirer from afar said...

And the Red Vixen didn't make the list, either

Mindi said...

Redheads really are quite amazing. There's just no denying it.

I couldn't find the InStyle thing, but I am appalled at the absence of Julianne Moore (and Jenny Lewis - but Moore's pretty frickin' mainstream). I bet they also didn't have Neko Case. It's a travesty.

This is why we need blogs like this one!

apologetic said...

Sorry--it wasn't the InStyle mag's website, it was And today their featurette is is on Victoria Beckham's hairstyles--as if anything could make that android look good.

Oh, and the url for the Jenny Lewis image was complete, my browser just didn't display it.

mad men said...

"I love redheads...their mouths are like a little drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk."

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone more beautiful than Joan on MAD MEN? Maybe Don Draper... But Joan is like a walking pin-up girl!