Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help Save the People's Market? / Plus, Another Artsy Weekend in Larryville!

Due to an unspecified "whirwind of events" (, the East Side People's Market must raise 2000 dollars by September 14th in order to remain open. They are hosting a Mexican dinner on Saturday evening: ten bucks gets you a plate of vegan beans. Will you help them?

Chip: "These communists are finally learning the reason that profit is important: it allows your business to stay open."

Richard: "While I'm totally in favor of the People's Market, I'm really bogged down with saving the T right now. A man can only be so progressive, you know."


With the boys still reeling from the joys of the Red Balloon To-Do of last weekend, two other beloved art events are sneaking up on them this weekend: Haskell's Indian Art Market and the Fall Arts Festival in South Park.

Chip: "I'm surprised that a Native-American University isn't more politically correct in naming their festivals. Shouldn't this be Native-American Art Market? At any rate, I don't plan to attend. It's just a bunch of totem poles and wampum beads."

Richard: "Once I went to the Fall Arts Festival with the full intention of buying myself a piece of homegrown art. But I was shocked to find that virtually everything there, right down to the most rinky-dink shit made of pipe-cleaners, cost about forty bucks. I bought beer instead...and drank it while staring at my favorite black-velvet Elvis portrait."


range life records said...

Gentlemen...let's not forget about the epic Okkervil River / Fourth of July / Suzannah Johannes set at The Bottleneck tomorrow! Lawrence's music cup runneth over!

vampire weekend said...

What about us? We were in town for a sold-out show last night? Did you see us? We were artsy, but we still rocked!

jeff tweedy said...

Sorry Vampire Weekend, but your oh-so-emo sounding band name kept me far, far away from Liberty Hall.

scary kids scaring kids! said...


Tickle Me emo said...

Avengedsevendustfold RULZ!!!!