Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Boys Check in With The Competition! / Plus, Christian Rock at...Abe and Jake's? / And The Boys Get Political! (Musically!)

Less than a week old, the new blog in town, The Rathaus, is already making waves by signing on former KU sex columnist Meghan "Thou Shalt Always Remove Thou's Socks" Bain.m as a contributor. Her first column, however, is a decidedly non-erotic narrative about her childhood memory of a bird repeatedly running into a window.

Richard: "I went ahead and beat off to it anyway, while remembering one of her old columns about sex toys."

Chip: "I thought the bird ramming the window was a metaphor for attempted sexual penetration. Are you telling me I got aroused for nothing, that the bird is just a bird, and not a phallic symbol? That's a real disappointment."


Looking for a little rock on a Sunday afternoon? How about taking in the HOT (Helping Others Together) Festival, a Christian rock event at Abe and Jake's? While there, you can also ask forgiveness for all the bad things you did at Abe and Jake's the night before!


There is a certain kind of American (let's call them 'idiots') that rely on country music to help them in their voting decisions, and John Rich's "Raising" is sweeping the nation this week.

He stayed strong, stayed extra long
‘Til they let all the other boys out
Now we’ve got a real man with an American plan
We’re going to put him in the big White House

Chip: "In Forttt Scottt we do want a 'real man' in the White House, someone who looks like they know their way around a barnyard and a boardroom. The emphasis on an "American" plan cleverly suggests that is not looking out for America's best interest, which could well be true, since he's a well-known Muslim."

Richard: "The choice of 'big' in the line above is interesting. Is it a reference to "bighouse," meaning jail, a contrast to his POW time? Or perhaps a nod to John Rich's songwriting partner "Big?" Or just a straightforward acknowledgment of the importance of the presidency? I'm going to go with the latter, since anything else would suggest that the song has an element of intelligence to it."

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george michael said...

"He stayed strong, stayed extra long
‘Til they let all the other boys out"

Are we sure these aren't Scissor Sisters or Village People lyrics?!