Friday, September 12, 2008

The Boys Defend the UDK! / Plus, Which City Has the Most Beautiful People? Is It Larryville?!

An editorial in today's University Daily Kansan blasted the paper for failing to even mention the seven-year anniversary of 9/11 yesterday and instead devoting a full-page of coverage to sophomore Nate's successful quest to try all 130 flavors at Tad's Tropical Sno. The boys feel compelled to defend their beloved newspaper.

Richard: "First off, let me just say that I'd love to party with Nate 130 flavors! That's a hell of an accomplishment! And I believe his inspiring story was the UDK's subtle reminder that heroes can be found close to home as well. Also, rumor has it that he dedicated the final flavor to those who were lost in the tragedy."

Chip: "I congratulate Nate and the UDK's in-depth coverage. But I wonder why no one ever sings my praises in connection to my own gustatory feats. For instance, I've tried so many different kinds of gravy on my chicken-fried steak. Cream gravy, peppered gravy, brown gravy, sawmill gravy, redeye gravy. One day, my story will be told too!"


In a recent poll, Miami was voted the city with the most attractive people.

Chip: "Those pollsters have obviously never been to the Eldridge in Larryville on half-price martini night. My God, the ass on display there is just awe-inspiring!"


renny said...

130 flavors at Tad's Tropical Sno? That's "news"? How about that time I tried every single flavor at New Orleans' famous Mango Mango?!?! Ain't no 151 at Tad's, is there?

Tropic Sno hero! said...

I do not like the cheesecake flavor.