Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Boys Consider "Found Art" and "Sustainable Seafood"

This weekend the Lawrence Public Library is hosting a "found art" contest. Will the boys enter it?

Chip: "Just because you find something interesting and call it "art" does not make it art. My dog finds all kinds of interesting shit and drags it up the house for me to look at, but it's not art."

Richard: "I prefer the type of "found art" where you combine random things. For this competetion, I've found a female mannequin in a dumpster downtown and I've plastered the Sex on the Hill campanile-sex picture across its face. I believe it makes an important statement about...oh, let's say...the inchangeability of sexual fantasies or some shit like that. I just want that prize money!"

Chip: "Dude, that mannequin is hot!"


While Chip has often longed for more fried-chicken options in town, local "foodies" with more sophisticated palates have long hoped for a nice seafood restaurant in our land-locked college town. Now they've gotten their wish. Angler's, a "sustainable seafood" restaurant, has just opened its doors downtown ("We use only fish and shellfish that are caught in environmentally and ecologically responsible ways."

Richard: "Down south, we've long-practiced an environmentally sound fishing technique called 'noodling' for catfish, in which you stick your arm down a hole and a catfish latches on to it and you grab its gills and haul it out of the water. But Angler's thinks it's too upscale to serve catfish. They won't be getting my business, no matter how nice they treat their fish."

Chip: "Long John Silver's is going to be pretty hard to beat in terms of seafood, if you ask me. We'll see how long Angler's lasts."


the gorton's fisherman said...

The Yacht Club isn't a "nice seafood restaurant"??? Screw you, you elitist egghead seafood snobs!

deadliest catch said...

We need a Captain D's, which is just exactly like Long John Silver's except somehow slightly better.

coronary blockage said...

Can I buy opilio gold at Captain D's? And what was that fried stuff you could buy at LJS's - like you were buying all the "bits" of leftover fried stuff from the bottom of the fryer?