Friday, September 26, 2008

Richard's Hipster Pick of the Day / Plus, the Boys Think About "Community"

Occasionally shows appear in town which are so hip that no one even knows about them until a few hours beforehand, such as a just announced Replay gig tonight featuring a side project ("1,000,000 Light Years") of one of the fellows in Fourth of July. Seeing such a show means that you are on the very cutting edge of Larryville hipsterati. While the shows are virtually guaranteed to suck, the cultural leverage they give you is priceless. Formerly a solo keyboard project, the new lineup at this gig promises an expansion "to include the infamous Steve "Say My Name" Swyers on sampler, bells and keys along with Curtis "Candlepants" McCoy of the now-on-hiatus minimalist free jazz trio "Free All Beats" playing auxiliary percussion." The Myspace lists Bela Bartok as an influence, so if you go, make sure to pepper your commentary with ideas about his continuing importance.

Cl.thier: "I may not use any bells, but my shows feature more drunken sorostitutes!"

Chip: "Damn, now I'm torn. I hate the Replay, but I love bleepy-blippy Casio stuff!"


"Community." What does it mean to the boys? Richard just wrote a 200-page dissertation about it, but for him it exists mostly in theory, as he's primarily an angry loner at heart. Chip, on the other hand, believes it fully exists in Forttt Scottt, where the locals are bound together through their passion for lining pennies up on the ground and their suspicion of "liberals" and "book-learning." But if one wants to find "community" in Larryville, one need look no further than East Lawrence, which just claimed "best community" in the Lawrencian's "Best of Lawrence" poll. This Saturday, East Larryville denizens will come together at a block party to celebrate their uniqueness with cakewalks, anarchist cookouts, and a lot of talk about kickball and communal gardening. While many of the partygoers are weak and emaciated from their two week attempts to "eat local," fun is predicted for all, along with a lot of talk about the East Side People's Market. So come on out and join this celebration of old-fashioned community during a time of increasing societal discord (unless, of course, you're not from East which case you can celebrate in your own, lesser community, style, such as when the North Lawrencians go to Johnny's Tavern and cry about how the city fathers have forsaken them...or when the West Lawrencians get together and roll around in big, tastefully decorated, rooms full of money.


Anonymous said...

And there's also the Stars show tonight. Talk about options for Larryville hipsters!

I'm gonna stay in and write, though... Boo hoo.


Sydney said...

"candlepants" makes me think of when Richard's pants caught fire at the Replay.

candlepants said...

And those were my hippest pants!

Also: all dissertating and no play makes Beth less hip! (but more of a scholar!).

Anonymous said...

I concur with the idea of burning the hipsters!

And torching the Replay!

And smashing down Qs so Larryville can put a nice Banana Republic in its place :).

--You will know us by the trail of smoldering hippies we leave behind

scrooge mcduck said...

Hooray for rooms full of money!!!