Monday, September 22, 2008

A Sex on the Hill Controversy?!

According to today's UDK, a few readers took issue to the following picture in last week's Sex on the Hill issue which shows two students engaging in a special kind of "study session" in the Campanile. The readers were offended not by the content of the photo, but by the fact that the Campanile is a World War II monument that should not be disgraced by this sort of behavior. The UDK's editor addressed the charges today, explaining that no one involved in the paper knew what the hell the Campanile actually was.

Richard: "Yeah, I didn't know either. I thought it was just a tall, cylindrical, hollow structure that mysteriously plays a song every once in awhile. Sure, I've always wanted to bang a sorostitute in there."

Chip: "I imagine it's phallic look certainly arouses many observers."

A Chip-Tip: "Click the photo for an enlarged view of...Fraser Hall across the way."


MWF said...

Wow, I need to make sure I hit campus for next year's Sex on the Hill!

elegible bachelor said...

Right. And I need to hang around in the Campanile more often.

Dr. C said...

WWII vets may be old and stodgy now, but I bet if they think back to their old GI days, they'll remember that they hit a few "targets of opportunity" in what may have been considered disrespectful places. In fact, I think the next Sex on the Hill could make amends by giving vets an opportunity to relive some of the best exploits of their youth. Their anonymity should be protected so they can tell the stories they couldn't share with wives, mothers, and girlfriends back home.

a udk editor said...

That's a fine idea in theory, young man, but we prefer to fill our pages with things like the "sex crossword" with clues like:

17 across: a canine position

(Chip: "The Lassie?").

beethoven said...

Oh, The Lassie. I remember when that swept Ottawa High...crazy times!!!