Monday, September 29, 2008

The Reviews Are In (Again!) / Plus: Chip's Pick of the Day

With the LC gaining readers at the rate of...two or three every few months, it's time to check in on what fans are saying about their second favorite local cultural blog (after The Rathaus). And this time we're using quotes that are not even made up!

Dr. X: [The LC is] "some manner of art from which I derive pleasure."

Trix: "It's just dark enough for me to enjoy without feeling bad about it."

Rev. H: "You're going to the Get Down Town Fest? But I thought you made fun of that?"

Iain (aka King Tosser): "Do not confuse yourself with your persona."

Chip: "Could you please kill my character off or "send me back to my home planet" like Poochy on The Simpsons?"

Richard: "I'm actually getting a little tired of doing a comic blog. I feel like writing more about my hopes and dreams. And maybe a poem or two. And some odes to girls I have crushes on and such. Like that tramp from Quinton's."


Chip's pick of the day: "Folks, don't forget that Ani Difranco is at Liberty Hall tonight. Personally, I'm scared to go, because she's 'political' and 'feminist,' which are two things I don't like to find in my 'art.' It's like finding a fly in my oatmeal. Gross! I also suspect she might share a lot of her 'beliefs' between songs, which I find to be a nuisance. I prefer a singer to sing the songs exactly as he or she recorded them. That way I feel comfortable during the performance. A few brief asides are okay, such as telling me that my town rocks the hardest or perhaps politely introducing the band members while I politely pretend they matter. Anyway, the point is that Ani tends to attract a lot of lesbians, so the show might be worth checking out."


Anonymous said...

You know I was talking about masturbation, right?!

--Dr X!

innuendoes said...

Yeah, I know you enjoy the Palin pictures!

But Pleasure Domes generally has better material for the spank bank.

Ride captain ride said...

nog--no need to limit yourself. The chronicles can mix it up or you can start a new blog

nog said...

Nah, I'll just keep my secret diary under my pillow! (it's full of dirty poems about Q's waitresses!).