Monday, September 15, 2008

Performance Art vs. KU Football! / Plus, Even More Local Art News!

This Saturday, the student advisory board of the Spencer Museum is seeking volunteers and plans to mount a large-scale performance art piece (twice) around the stadium before the football game. Volunteers will "freeze" in place for a time, with the goal being:

To make our audience ask questions!
To challenge existing concepts of time!
To suggest that some answers may be revealed in the Spencer's Time/Frame exhibition!
[press release info].

Richard: "Dude, I'm totally participating! This is going to freak people the fuck out! It'll be like that scene in The Day The Earth Stood Still where the earth stood still! And I'm not talking about the sure-to-suck Keanu Reeves remake here. I'm talking about the awesome one!"

Chip: "I suspect that most people there will be too drunk to notice. And the ones that do notice will simply remark that it's "gay" and go on with their tailgating."


This week, the university is pimping its new database called "From the Ground Up," described as "a searchable database for researchers where they may construct and explore image collections to discover relationships between regional culture and subjects in the humanities... The mapping feature shows the user where a piece is located and, in many cases, the actual landscapes that inspired the pieces."

Chip: "If I want to look at a painting of landscape, I don't need to see the actual land itself. And if I'm looking at an actual landscape, I certainly don't want to see art, do I? If I wanted to see art, I wouldn't be outside looking at a goddamned landscape, would I?"

Richard: "This effort to meld the sciences and the humanities is apparently all the rage in Larryville right now, as witnessed also by the recent Percolator exhibit combining cloud paintings with lectures on meteorology by local Channel 6 weatherperson Jennifer It all strikes me as a bit silly. I'd rather just see paintings of Jennifer"

Chip: "Yeah, I'd totally bone her. In any kind of weather."


let's start the wave! said...

Performance art at football games?! Beyond the argument that football itself is poetry in motion (Chip: "Unlike women's basketball, which is like roller skating..."), don't forget the artistry of the short-skirted cheerleaders! And if you really want performance art, just start the wave. OLE!

todd snider said...

Great quote at the top o' the blog! I think I'm an all right guy.

all right guy said...

Maybe I'm dirty, and maybe I smoke a little dope.

But it's not like I'm going on TV and tearing up pictures of the Pope!

colin farrel said...

Yeah, Sinead!