Friday, September 5, 2008

This Weekend: The Red Balloon To-Do": Is it Art, or Isn't It? / Plus, This Week in Basketball News!

This Saturday brings one of Larryville's major art events, The Red Balloon To-Do, where a single red balloon serves as your passport to numerous downtown galleries featuring special exhibitions and live music, culminating with a concert at the Granada.

Chip: "Carrying a red balloon leaves me somewhat less than 100% certain of my heterosexuality, and I don't like that feeling. I'm going with "Not Art."

Richard: "I'm going with Art this time, but I don't like the fact that all the hipsters are out after the festivities still clutching their red balloons and pompously debating which is better, Wonder Fair Art Gallery or the Percolator. Deep down, we all know that Wonder Fair Gallery is far, far better."


After numerous basketball-related scandals involving Sherron "Can I Show You My Cock?" C.llins and the Doobie Boys, Mario and Darrell, who got busted this week for smoking weed at a seminar designed in part to tell them not to smoke weed, KU broke some good news today: The Morris Twins are cleared to play ball! Their BB guns have been taken away and it's time for business!


lew perk.ns said...

And all is right with the world again!

(Well, almost - it seems that the Athletic Department is really dragging their feet on planting the rest of those trees so that the football team can practice in secret. If they lose a game in the near future, I know who to blame!)

mario said...

Dude, I was totally baked when I made that shot heard round the world!