Friday, September 19, 2008

Now with Picture: Richard Reviews Hipster Rock Shows: Oh, Jenny! / Plus, Richard Issues a Reminder / Also, the Word "Nubile" Returns to the Blog!

Richard's brief Jenny Lewis review: "I have never before wanted to bang a woman in overalls as much as I did last night. In fact, I've never wanted to bang a woman in overalls before at all. In Romance, women in overalls do NOT look like Jenny Lewis."

Highlights: The Granada capitalizes on the uber-hipster crowd with a PBR special and Jenny drinks them on stage; "Rise Up With Fists" gets dedicated to Sarah Palin, without further commentary ("I will rise up with fists, and I will take what's mine mine mine.").

Downside: Richard doesn't get to bang Jenny Lewis.

Verdict: 3 and a half PBRS!


Richard: "Don't forget the freeze-in-place performance art piece tomorrow before the football game. I plan to infiltrate a tailgating party and suddenly freeze with a beer halfway to my lips. It's going to freak out the Man, so much!"


The monthly Lawrencian is a low-rent version of, but the boys nevertheless keep an eye on its annual "Best of Lawrence" polls. Earlier in the summer we asked you to vote for Richard and/or Chip as "best local character," and perhaps you did. If so, we thank you. Even so, we did not get enough votes to win. Who did?

Well, White Owl, of course.

Richard: "White Owl is cool and all but I feel like we've seen what he has to offer. He dances funny. He shouts outside Wescoe. He screws nubile young coeds. Who doesn't?"

Chip: "I voted for that dude who pushes the baby carriage up and down Mass. Street with a doll in it ."

Richard: "You mean Dennis?"


For Cl.thier, here's my attempt at rock photography! Her eyes are normally much nicer!


hungover said...

3 and a half PBRs? That many PBRs gives me a headache!

angel or devil? said...

Whoa...she's Satan (a really cute, red-headed Satan with angelic pipes)!