Saturday, September 20, 2008

Richard's Hipster (?) Pick of the Weekend / Plus, The Boys' Book Club Returns!

Richard: "No band confuses local hipsters more than Drakkar Sauna. It seems natural to love them, since they sing about 'the old, weird America' with suitably esoteric lyrics: “You need a spear for when the bear comes / Or a spear for when the bears come / Either way you’ll need one.” But the problem is that hippies also like them due to their many Winfield and other festival appearances. And this seems to make them inherently uncool. Their Replay patio show tomorrow seems designed to appeal to both kinds of fans. The evening is slated to include "a short film by William H.swell," which is exactly the sort of mysterious promotion that attracts local hipsters, who can use it as impressive, insider info at the TapRoom later in the week: "Haswell's new short film is really powerful. You mean you haven't seen it yet?" But the other bands (or at least their names) seem likely to attract a less desirable element: the openers are called Tater and Craig and a band called Podunk (Chip: "I have buddies in Forttt Scottt named Tater and Craig!").


The boys have mostly been reading Sex on the Hill lately (Chip says he's beat off more to this edition than any one since 2002), but they're also excited about Brisingr, the third book in Christopher Paolini's Eragon series.

Chip: "I'm so tired of little-girl vampire books, so this is a nice change. I've really grown quite fond of these 'boy and his dragon' tales. They're essentially about a farmboy who flies around on a dragon, and they carry on a proud tradition of 'boy and his dog' and 'boy and his horse' tales, except it's a dragon. Instead of a dog or a horse."

Richard: "There were apparently midnight release parties for this just as there are for Harry Potter and the Twilight books. Except I don't think anyone noticed."

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