Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Boys Consider Local Music, Vol. II

The first installment of this series appeared during the summer. Today we return with further picks and pans from the boys regarding bands you may encounter in the taverns and lounges of Larryville.

Suzannes Johannes:

Richard: "She's got a nice voice, but hipters love her primarily because her name rhymes and it's fun to say when you're drunk on PBR. Also, she's friends with beloved hipster-band Fourth of July, which is always a plus. Numerous hipsters shop at Jensen Liquor simply because half of Fourth of July works there."

Cl.thier: "I saw her at the Taproom recently. She started at 1:00 a.m. and played four songs. I enjoyed it, but was hoping she'd look more like Jenny Lewis or Neko Case."


Richard: "Not enough bands dress in costumes these days, so they've got that going for them."

Chip: "Instead of dressing like members of KISS and The Doors and such, I wish they'd get hip and dress like Death Cab for Cutie, although I suppose then they'd look like every other band in town."

Truckstop Honeymoon:

Chip: "They sing about things that speak to me in a very personal way, like that song which I think is called "Thrown out of the Waffle House for making out in the booth."

Arthur Dodge:

Richard: "He think he's so cool cause he's got a beard."

The Volunteers:

Richard: "They sound like Summer Teeth-era Wilco and I fucking dig it!"

Chip: "They've now changed their name to The Vols, which reminds me of Tennessee Lady Vols women's basketball, which I hate."


Dr. C said...

Having more women like Jenny Lewis or Neko Case around would definitely make this world a better place.

RNC'er said...

Truckstop Honeymoon sing songs about things I'm familiar with, making me feel they're just like me, ya know, on my level. I believe this also qualifies them to President.

agreed! said...

I'd totally vote Truckstop into the Presidency!

"I am mad, at myself mostly, for listenin too closely, to some conversation bout the Super Bowl and the nation of Islam, goddam, I am bored!"