Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Boys Consider "Banned Books Week!"

First off, Larryville is in the midst of its own literary festival today--the River City Reading Festival--which raises the question: Since when is Larryville known as River City? Author Thomas Frank, author of the hugely popular What's Wrong With Kansas? is in town for the event, and Chip is expected to attend and answer Frank's titular question with a resounding: "Outside of Larryville, nothing is wrong with Kansas, my good sir!"

But primarily the boys are looking ahead, to the annual event known as "Banned Books Week" which kicks off on Monday, a celebration of our freedom to read what we want, when we want (during a designated week).

Chip: "This is such an anti-authoritarian event. It's obviously an attempt to 'stick it to the Man' by reading something He doesn't want us to read. But perhaps these books are banned for a good reason. For instance, Robie Harris's perpetually controversial guide to puberty, It's Perfectly Normal [#1 on the ALA's list of banned books of 06] attempts to describe a process that should be left for adolescents to figure out for themselves. It's so interesting to suddenly wake up and discover 'hair where there was no hair before,' as it's so well put in the Fuzzy Bunny educational videos. Why spoil the surprises?"

Richard: "Every year during Banned Book week I read a new title from the lists of frequently-banned books. This year it's The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler. I think it's primarily intended for little fat girls, but I assume we can all learn a few things from it."


Anonymous said...


Silly Kansasans.

We Arkansans are getting massive press for the efforts of one Dr. X who is manning the week-long celebration! Look for him to be quoted in the newspapers, reading obsenities on the radio and mugging for the camera in events entirely orchestrated to make him look very marketable.

Meanwhile, someone in Lawrence has to listen to Kip explain how Seneca influenced hop on pop!

--Hippies don't read, they roll!

capt. underpants said...

I am on many lists of "banned books."

Read me aloud, Dr. X!

The Mysterious Dr. X (AKA Baghead) said...

Ironically enough -- I AM in fact reading _The Adventures of Captain Underpants_ on Weds! You can actually join the UCA Banned Books read along group, Slick Dick!

--But you cannot join the panel with me and Stengel talking about political correctness! (God help us all!)

slick dick said...

Man, I do wish I were at UCA to hear this business! (I would join your Clockwork Orange group!).

Anonymous said...

It's al about changing the culture of Arkansas and starting at the center!

We shall celebrate your pornography... so that when you are exiled from kansas and its Kansassassins for this blog -- you will have a sanctuary for your torrid discussion!

--Now, everyone in Arkansas FUCKS... as opposed to making babies in the dark of a hayloft (though we still enjoy doing it in haylofts!)

haylofts said...

Right: no one "fucks" in a hayloft, because in haylofts we "make love."

edwin starr said...

Actually, it's Banned Books Week throughout Kansas, only outside of Lawrence the motto is:

Banned Books - What are they good for? Absolutely nothin'. (Say it again.)