Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Music Picks: Swedish Sisters, Polite Canadians, and Bearded Folkies! (First Aid Kit, Stars, Brown Bird, Olassa)

If you're anything like Chip, you probably can't resist a band of young Swedish sisters in their early 20's who have a fixation on Americana music circa Gram and Emmylou.

So make sure to head to the Granada tonight and check out First Aid Kit.

Pitchfork gives 2012's The Lion's Roar a respectable 7.5 and offers this great bit of snark (full review here ):

"...a new clutch of friends appears for the closing track, "King of the World", a song so jumpy and earnest and ecstatically terrified by the unknowable future that Conor Oberst seems to have had no choice but to consummate the clear homage to the best of his mid-2000s output by making an appearance himself..."

 Aren't they adorable?


And check out their video for the song "Emmylou":


If you prefer to hang with polite Canadian indie-rockers instead of young Swedish songbirds, Stars hits the Bottleneck tonight.  They've had a long career, but Pitchfork still manages to muster mild praise for them, awarding a 6.7 to 2012's The North (full review here):

"They may never achieve the youthful immortality they so often sing about, but it's nice to know that they're not dead just yet, either."

Look at those cute Canadians who are, indeed, still very much alive:


And if First Aid Kit doesn't quench your thirst for rootsiness, return to the Granada on Thursday for Brown Bird, who are making a splash on the new Folk Revival scene (not quite a Mumford and Sons or an Avetts-level splash, but they might be a "next big thing," so hop on it, scenesters).  Check out some tunes via Bandcamp  here .

We hear that men without beards are not allowed at this show, but that could be just a rumor. 

And our friends from Olassa are opening.  Re-read our March interview with Olassa's Cain over here .


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