Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekend Options: Zombies, Nostalgia, Metal, Drugs, Drumming, and Dancing

Best Place to Look at Zombies:  Lawrence Zombie Walk

The Lawrence Zombie Walk is mere hours away.  Have you covered yourself in gore yet?  We hope Zombie Santa is on the scene again (see the full gallery from 2011 via LJ-World over here ).

Best bet for scenester nostalgia:  Kristie Stremel at the Replay matinee on Friday

Veterans of the scene have fond memories of Stremel's bands Frogpond and Exit 159.  If our research is correct, Friday's show will be a full-band performance. Should be good.

We don't know about the opener, Tiny Horse, but Chip is hoping that it's not a band at all but an actual tiny horse that prances around the patio for an hour.

And stick around late at the Replay when KC's terrifying Hammerlord rolls into town for a pre-Halloween metal extravaganza.  Don't forget to purchase some Hammerlord panties at the merch table:

Image of Hammerlord "Girls Underwear"

Best place for a drug-fueled vision quest:  Bassnectar at Burcham Park on Friday

We have no idea what Bassnectar is all about, but we understand this is going to be quite a "happening," full of rich kids with excellent drugs.   Will Johnny Law bust everybody on their way in or out of the show, motherfucking Wakarusa-Fest-style?  Who knows?  We'll be at the Replay.

 Bassnectar in Lawrence, KS

If you need to continue your vision-quest after hitting the Park, head to the Bottleneck where Cloud Dog will be doing their shirtless drumming thing (free for those with a Bassnectar ticket stub).  Read our Cloud Dog interview here .


Best place to shake that ass while pondering the deep political and economic divides of the country: San Francisco's Antioquia at the Jazzhaus tonight and Bottleneck on Saturday.  

Yep, we interviewed them the last time they passed through LFK:  check out the interview here for a sampling of Chip's notoriously tough interview style:  "Is it okay if we just grind on a bunch of sexy chicks at your show, or do we also need to stop and reflect on the lyrics?"  Apparently they had such a grand time in LFK that they're playing here for two nights this time around.


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