Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Dueling Guest Reviewers Captain Chanute and Darling Nicky Examine Die Antwoord at Liberty Hall / Plus, Weekend Scenester Picks

Long-time readers of the LC will no doubt remember Captain Chanute's popular, astute, surprisingly academic 2010 piece on Die Antwoord (read it here).  Last night the Captain and his best gal (known here as Darling Nicky) were able to experience the Die Antwoord magic live and in person in LFK, and we asked them to compose a "he said/she said" piece of cultural commentary for us. They did a terrific job.


Captain Chanute:   Ladies and Piels, today my ears are bleeding and I couldn’t be happier! A new era in Larryville Hip began last night and I was there to witness it firsthand. It was a veritable rehash of the Gothic War, as the S. African duo invaded Liberty Hall, flanked by a shirtless and masked DJ Hi-Tek and a giant inflatable penis, pillaging the crowd as they spouted their vulgar, brogued English and barbaric Afrikaans. Luckily enough, I wasn’t alone at the modern-day Adrianople.  I was accompanied by my perennially young girlfriend, Darling Nicky, a firebrand with the face of an angel and the mouth of a sailor. 

Darling Nicky: I can speak for myself, you dick.

CC: Alright. Well, the show was awesome! For me, it was an artistic masterpiece from start to finish as they commanded the stage for an hour and a half, holding their crotches with one hand and a middle finger high in the air with the other.

DN: Masterpiece? When a show begins with a song that goes “DJ Hi-Tek’s gonna fuck you in ass,” I hardly call that art.

CC: Maybe so, but the crowd was so Hip! Tons of scantily-clad vixens in tattered, sexy outfits. It was totally Zef! Amazing how Die Antwoord’s futuristic, streetwise style permeated the place.

DN: That likely speaks to the marketability of one country’s trash to another. I hear Honey Boo Boo is big in England right now.

CC: Well, either way, the crowd was electric! As the strobes flashed and the dubstep beats pulsed from the speakers, the rave-like crowd bounced and swayed in syncopation, singing along in dutiful worship to classics like “Evil Boy” and “Enter the Ninja.”  

DN I imagine the crowds at National Socialist Worker’s Party rallies in the early 30’s being pretty similar. 

CC:  Dude, I can’t believe you didn’t think the show was totally Hip!

DNI never said that. In fact, the show was easily the Hippest LFK has seen in years.

CC: What?! 

DN:  Yeah, when Ninja told the crowd that overconsumption would cause bugs to infest their asses, pulled security on stage to hump his leg, and then dawned a KU basketball jersey for the encore, I was sold.

Chip:  I have two points to add.  (1) I can't fucking BELIEVE I missed a show with a giant, inflatable penis and (2) I'm now more than a little worried that my character is going to be written out of this blog (perhaps sent back to his home planet, Poochy-style) and replaced with this Darling Nicky person. She's pretty funny.

Giant penis!

KU jersey:

Underwear party:

A scenester salute:


Now, here's our jam-packed edition of Weekend Picks.

Kick off your weekend tonight with a spooky/funny double-feature at Liberty Hall (in collaboration with Wonder Fair).  At 7:00 there will be a  screening of the short-film Ghoul School, followed by a conversation with the filmmakers), followed by 80's cult-classic The Burbs.  And all that action will itself be follwowed by an afterparty at Wonder Fair.

Ghoul School is described as "Breakfast Club meets Poltergeist" and is supposedly filmed in the vein of classic 80's horror flicks.

Check out the FB event page  here and show up early this evening to snag a poster.

Ghoul School theme song:


Kick off your Friday evening early with a Replay matinee featuring Major Games and Traindodge.  They will damage the eardrums of everyone within a three-block radius or your money back!  Check out Major Games via Bandcamp over here .  And look at this flyer, which is decidedly softer and cuddlier than the pummeling you're about to get on the Replay patio tomorrow!

 Traindodge & Major Games @ Replay Lounge (Early Show)

Afterwards, you can remain at the Replay for "Shell's Last Stand."  Yes, apparently it's Michelle's last show with Hidden Pictures.  We miss her glockenspiel skills already!  Reread our Hidden Pictures interview here . It remains one of our favorites.  The FB event page is here .  HP is opening for Mark Mallman, who seems to hit the Replay a lot but never plays one of his epic 48-hour long shows we've heard rumors about.


Or you can hit the Bottleneck for KJHK sponsored triple-bill and witness the soaring pop of Hospital Ships, the Scary Manilow-style theatrics of Pale Hearts, and the hijinks of the Gunnerson brothers' new project Monsoon Lazer (which also contains Aaron Pillar of Appleseed Cast).  The FB event page is here.

Extravagant Trash

Simultaneously, at the Jackpot, you can see Jenny Dalton and her autoharp, a show we profiled earlier in the week. Reread that interview here .


Across the river at Frank's North Star, mingle with your progressive friends at the "Scary Times" costume party which will give prizes for the scariest Republican and Democratic costumes.  (we're going as Loewenstein's "Brownback in Flames" painting).    Your friend and ours Maggie Allen will tell some jokes around 9:00, followed by some good ol' Minneapolis hip-hop. 


KU has an evening game on Saturday at OU and after their inevitable loss you'll need to drink away the season's misery somewhere.  We suggest the Jackpot. since Til Willis and Erratic Cowboy will be on the scene, rocking about politics. Reread this week's interview with Til over here .


If you're more prone to elder statesmen of rock than local young whippersnappers, check out the guitar wizardry of Steve Kimock at the Granada on Sunday.  We understand that legendary keyboardist Bernie Worrell (the "Wizard of Woo"), renowned for his work with P-funk and Talking Heads, is now in the band.  All you young hippies should take a festival-break and learn from your elders!  Check out a free EP of some recent live tunes over here


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