Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Possibilities: Pass the Hat at Percolator; Sleigh Bells and AraabMuzik at Granada; Afroman and New Suede at Bottleneck / Plus, Final Friday Pick #1

We always try to give a shout-out to the Percolator's Pass the Hat shows (when we know about 'em), so drop by this evening for a scenester potluck at 5:00 (does PBR count as an entree?) and music from four bands starting at 7:00.  Attempting a quick Google search on these bands will lead you down a number of wild rabbit holes but, as best as we can tell, the two headliners, Thanksgiving and Pajama Party, are prolific folky (maybe freak-folky?) types out of Portland and Olympia, WA, who also perform under numerous other monikers.  Thanksgiving (we think) was once called Drone Boner, a name Chip finds far more preferable.

The FB event page is here .



KJHK is working hard to keep KU's students hip, and they're sponsoring this evening's Granada double-bill of Sleigh Bells and AraabMuzik (only $5 bones for those with student ID's).   Is Sleigh Bells a bit past its hipster shelf-life at this point?  We don't know, since we never really "got" them to begin with.  But we do know that AraabMuzik gets a lot of raves as being a hell of a sight to behold in a live setting. Pitchfork says:

"AraabMuzik is a virtuoso percussionist whose instrument just happens to be an MPC pad, and longtime Dipset fans and fashionable interlopers alike elbow one another for space around his table, collectively freaking out over the physical spectacle."

Expect plenty of  "fashionable interlopers" on the scene this evening.  Someone send us a review.



Down at the Bottleneck, you can party like it's 2002 with Afroman.

Chip:  "I wonder if he'll play 'Because I Got High?"

Probably, Chip, but if you're high enough yourself, it won't really matter.

Our Bear Club buddies New Suede are also on the bill.  Go check 'em out.  And watch their "Ghost Bros" video, which always cracks us up.

 Afroman w/ New Suede and Rich Brown and Tactical Finesse @ The Bottleneck


Final Friday is just around the corner and we aren't seeing as many spooky Halloween-themed events as we hoped.  But the standout-scenester pick so far seems to be Jeff Immer's opening at Invisible Hand (now located in the Warehouse Arts District, for those who aren't keeping up).   It's called "The New Bullshit," and here's the scoop from the FB event page (check it out here and you'll see that 77 of your coolest friends are definitely attending):

The Old Bullshit was slow.
The Old Bullshit was simple and made people happy some of the time.
The Old Bullshit was mean.
The Old Bullshit loved money but could appreciate hard work. The Old Bullshit was comfortable with illusion.
The Old Bullshit went to bed early and woke up before the sun.
The New Bullshit is new.

Chip:  "He makes a strong case, but I still prefer The Old Bullshit."

Jeff Immer Ξ The New Bullshit

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