Monday, October 8, 2012

Early and Mid-Week Scenester Picks: Fright Flicks at Frank's, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X, Nerd Nite 10, and Sarah Vowell

We recently compiled a list of LFK's finest spooky events throughout the month, but we neglected to include the month-long slate of fright flicks at Frank's Monday Movie Nights.  Here's the list.  We've already forgotten who wins in the Freddy vs. Jason battle, so please don't spoil it for us before tonight!


If you're in KC tonight, you should probably stop by the Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) at the Glenwood Arts to catch a screening of The Ghastly Love of Johnny X.  It's in black-and-white and it's apparently an odd mix of 1950's juvenile deliquent melodrama, musical, and horror.  Visit the KFFF website here .  Now watch this trailer and thank us later:


Nerd Nite returns on Wednesday and they're finally moving into the ballroom at Pachamama's to accommodate even more nerds.  We're certain that their "Lawrence Oddities" edition will be terrific, but we'll sadly miss it in favor of Sarah Vowell's lecture at KU.  Given the fact that this Nerd Nite is co-sponsored by all the KU museums, it seems like someone might have considered the clashing demographics (namely, history nerds) of these events?  But enough bitching and moaning.  Please go to Nerd Nite and report back to us on what you learned from presentations on Quantrill-related art, taxidermy, and East LFK ("Pluck and Perseverance in Lawrence’s Original Neighborhood.").

Is this the best Nerd Nite flyer yet?  Our vote is yes.

Sarah Vowell:

Sarah Vowell

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