Friday, July 31, 2009

Event of the Weekend: Sandbar 20th Birthday Block Party!

Yes, if you're looking to bang a cougar this weekend, look no further than 8th Street, where Larryville's favorite tropical hideaway is hosting a street party to celebrate 20 glorious years of Jimmy Buffett tunes and hurricanes and mermaid skirts and Shark Bites. The party is slated to feature "dancing showgirls" and "mystery guests" and take place on top of a mock pirate ship currently being constructed in an East Side warehouse.

Chip: "I hope Todd Reesing is the 'mystery guest.' I've partied with him at the Sandbar before."

Readers, please see our post from 5/6/09 to reminisce about Chip's encounter with Reesing, one of the many local celebrities who have crossed paths with the boys in their Chronicles. Avid fans may remember that Reesing was also referenced in a recent post about Joe College's sidewalk sale, which prominently featured a T-shirt reading "Reesing if a Hilf." At the time, Richard was a little confused about what the "H" stood for, but Chip later explained that it almost certainly stood for "Heisman." At any rate, it must certainly make things easier when you see a woman wearing a shirt that announces that she wants to fuck you instead of having to constantly wonder about it.

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